Hey what’s going on youtube today, i’m, going to show you how to install the best kodi build the most updated call the xanax build with kodi 19 on your fire. Stick using this interface. If your interface looks a little bit different, you can still follow along as the fire sticks are updating their software.

So when that update comes out – and you’re watching this video, pretty straightforward – you’re still going to go to settings. You’re still going to follow along just the menus might be moved around. Not only that i’m, going to show you my five favorite apps for live television and movies and tv shows.

I’m, going to try to make this as quick as i can. I’m going to get kodi fully loaded on here. I’m, going to show you five special apps, which are going to give you a complete media center. So let’s, get into it on your fire.

Stick you want to go to settings and then you want to go to my fire tv and from here you want to go to developer options and you want to make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on. Let’s. Do that? Let’s, say turn on the apps from unknown sources.

Okay, now what you’re, going to do you’re, going to hit that home button once you turn that on you’re, going to go to the search icon right here and we’re, going to Search for an application called downloader, let’s.

Do that downloader! Okay, orange icon will come up. We’re, going to click on the downloader application. Once it comes up hit the download button. It’s going to cue it. It’s, going to download it, and we’re, going to be ready to pop it open.

Okay, it’s, going to download it once it’s finished downloading. It’s going to install, and then we are going just to press the open button right here. Okay, let’s! Press that open button. Okay, it’s going to come up with this press.

The allow button press the ok button. We’re, going to click one up here and type in the following: url get dot file linked dot com; okay, put that in and once you put that in you’re gonna press that go button right there.

Okay, let’s; press the go button, press the go button. It’s, gonna say connecting it’s. Gon na download the file link application. I’m gonna give you my new code. My new pin number pin number has changed so follow along press the install button on file link and when it’s done installing we’re just going to press the open button right there give it a minute.

Let’s, press the open button. It’s, going to come up with the file linked application and it’s, going to ask us for a code and a pin number so click into enter code, and once you’re in there put in one two.

Three: four: five: six, seven, eight twos, once you put in the eight twos you’re gonna press, the next button you’re gonna press, the continue button and it’s. Gon na ask you for a pin. If you don’t have the pin, you can follow the instructions here to get the pin if it changes or if the pin number that i give you right now.

It does not work. Follow the instructions right here. Okay, click into enter, pin and pull in nine nine. Nine. Eight, sorry, nine, eight okay, so the pin number is nine 9d898. Once you put that in press the next button and press the continue button, 98 98 is going to throw you into my store.

Dismiss this pop-up dismiss any other pop-ups that come up and click download the ipvanishvpn. The first thing: okay, i’ll, explain why we would require a vpn to run kodi, dismissed and fully protected and staying safe, so vpn’s.

Important explain why, in a minute download ipvanishvpn press the play button press the install button once the ipvanishvpn downloads, we are going to press the done button right there and we’re going to get kodi 19.

. Okay when it ‘ S done finish: scroll down, you’re, going to see the kodi section now. Okay, if you’re scrolling down – and you have kodi 19 right here – let’s. Click on the kodi 19 download it’s.

Going to start downloading kodi 19 when it’s finished. This turns into a play button as well, and then we’re installing kodi 19. Then we’re gonna set up a build on it because it’s completely blank and there’ll, be nothing there.

But of course i’m gonna show you five best apps. At the end of the video as well okay, so if you don’t like cody, not working for your needs, showing you alternative, guys and girls as well. Okay, when cody’s finished downloading, hit that play button press the install button and kodi is going to install when kodi installs.

I want you to press the done button. Let’s, not open anything up. So we’ve installed ipvanish and we’ve installed kodi. Now we’re gonna press that done button. Okay, now hit the forward arrow on your firestick remote.

You’re gonna jump to a section called movies and show apps let’s, get the best movie and show ups. While we’re here, okay, go to cinema apk hit the download as well. It’s gonna download okay, when it’s finished downloading.

This turns into a little play button, and this is like free netflix super organized nice. Hundreds of links for movies and tv shows you’re gonna be highly happy. I’m gonna show you after i show you kodi.

I’m, going to show you these apps as well hit the play button on cinema apk, press the install button on cinema apk and press the done button when it’s finished okay, installing cinema hd and let’s. Press that done button okay, when it’s finished it’s, going to pop up right here.

Okay, next one, we’re, going to get, is btv incredible, apk, just as good as terrarium, just as good as all these other apps you’ve used before these are my top five. I’m, not going to show you anything that doesn’t perform the best btv finish downloading hit that play press the install button so that’s.

The second one we got is btv. Okay, we’re loading. This fire stick to be the best media center for you, kodi cinema, apk, btv. Okay, now we’re gonna install the third one which is right below it, which is called tv amazing, amazing, apk.

Okay, so when btv installs and it finishes, we’re, going to press the done button. We’re, going to go off to ttv, okay press done, let ‘ S do ttv once ttv finishes hit that play button and press the install button on ttv and then press the done button so getting cody on here, getting all our best applications.

Getting all this nicely set up. Okay, when ttv is finished, just press that down button. Okay, so we got best applications – cinema, apk, btv, ttv3, okay, i’m gonna skip all this actually press forward.

These are my top three and then we’re gonna go do redbox tv, which is gonna. Give you a lot of live tv and it’s finished. This turns into a play button. Let’s, hit the play button, install and press the done button.

Okay, next one i’m gonna get is another great one. Okay, almost done here, the next one we’re going to scroll down is livenet tv. This is live television all the events, everything like that pay-per-views sports, all here; okay, so we got live net and then we got red box for our live television.

Okay and i’m gonna get one more and we’re done. Okay, hit that play button, press the install button on livenet tv and then tv tab pro for fire sticks. Those three are going to give you tons of tons of content.

Okay and i’ll, show you how to use them really quickly as well. At the end of the kodi setup, okay, let’s. Do that it’s. Gon na come up with a done button. Great okay, tv tap scroll down there’s, tv tab, fire, stick edition 3.

0 hit the play, install and then then done button, and we’re done fully fully setting up our fire stick, but kodi is just empty. Now we’re going to go into kodi. We’re, going to set up the xenx build. Like i promised you, i’m, going to show you that, and i’m, going to show you these apps.

I’m, going to show you how they compare with cody. Okay press the done button. Okay, once you’re done, you can come back to my store at any time. Okay, let’s hit the home button. So now i fully loaded all these applications.

You can see. I have cody here your apps and games. You can see that we have all those applications that we got loaded. So we got our ipvanish. We got our downloader, we got our file linked. We got our kodi and then we got our top apks for free movies for tv shows and live tv.

Now, before i start kodi or any of these apks, i’m, going to start up ipvanish and explain why, with ipvanish you’re going to get more links. You’re, going to get more content. You’re gonna be fully protected so to get your own username simply scroll down there’s.

A link in the description and pin comment; click on that link. It’s. Gon na. Take you to a page to sign up for ipvanish once you get an account click your email notification, you’re gonna get an email from them and you’ll, be ready to log in i’m going to Log into my account – and i have the link available in the comments and bit and pin comment and in the description there’s, a link that link will get you an account.

Okay, click on that link. Get yourself an account. It’s, going to keep you protected. It’s, going to keep you safe. It’s going to allow for geo-blocked content. It’s, going to keep you anonymous. It’s, going to provide more links for movies and tv shows and live tv okay.

So once you have an account follow along log in i’m going to log in mine, i’m, going to show you quickly how to get this going with all these apps. Okay. Okay, once you start up ipvanish it’s very simple: hit on the gear icon, say start ipc, vanish startup connection.

Action in here say: connect to fastest server, that’s, going to be the least buffering how to reconnect on click. On split tunneling, and if you have any applications like netflix prime hulu, put them in the split tunneling.

What that means, i’m going to search here, hit the search icon. I’m, going to search search, prime and i’m going to throw prime in here and what that means is that’s not going to use the vpn. So i don’t want, prime to use in a vpn.

I don’t want netflix hulu disney plus because they know they don’t work right with the vpn on so put them in the split tunneling method. Okay, hit back and hit back twice scramble mode on. Go here in country, make sure you select the united states it’s, going to give you the most content in kodi and apks united states, and then press that connect button.

It’s going to come up with this. You’re, going to press the ok button. Okay, now i’m fully protected. I’m going to hit the home button. Let’s, get cody going. So let’s. Click on our kodi application. The first time you click on it, press the continue button press the allow button that’s, going to start up kodi, okay, cody9 here 19.

Here we’re starting it up and when you enter into kodi, just follow these instructions along, so cody will start up. Will look like this hit the gear icon hit. The file manager icon from here say, add source.

We’re, going to put the best build on here that’s, always updated hit the none field right here: okay and pull in the following url http colon forward forward, slash xanax – and i have my vpn on that means i’m fully protected, okay, repo dot com.

I’m gonna throw in another forward slash and i’m gonna put in repo r e p, o okay, once you put that in press, the ok button put the url exactly as you see it here and press the Ok, button scroll down, keep it as repo and press ok, so this is filled in and this is filled in.

I’m going to press the ok button. Okay, once we do that it’s, going to add it like that, we’re, going to click one back and one back to go to the main menu. We’re gonna scroll down to add-ons okay click on add-ons, then click up to that little uh folder looks like a dropbox click on it and say install from zip file.

It’s. Gon na come up with this menu click on settings, click on unknown sources to make sure you turn it on and say: yes, click one back to get to this menu again, then click install from zip file. Again now we have access to repo that we ‘

Ve added, see how it links here and then access here, click on the repo and click xanax repo. What’s? This going to do it’s? Going to install the repository? We’re, going to get a notification that the repository has been installed.

I’m, going to click. One up install from repository. Go to xenx repository, go to program, add-ons, go to xanax wizard under program add-ons and click the install button. Okay, this is going to install the xenx wizard there.

It is add-on, install notification when it’s done when it ‘ S finished now this is going to pop up you’re, going to press the continue button. You’re, going to press the build menu. Now you’re, going to press another button and scroll down to the xenx 18.

Okay, choose any xenx 18 host. Usually i choose number three. You can choose number four five. You got six so far: okay, xanax 18., that’s. All you want to click on. Let’s! Click on xenx 18! I’m clicking on host three, but you have six choices available for you.

Another screen is going to come up. We’re gonna, say fresh install on that screen. Okay, it’s, going to come up with another screen. Now we’re, going to say continue: do you wish to install it’s, going to wipe the folders and a clean install is going to start? Okay should pop up if it doesn’t pop up, try clicking on it again, so this should pop up and say yes install now.

Another pop-up should pop up and it should start installing the build. If nothing happens, it sits like this. Try another host there there. It is my build’s downloading after it downloads it’s, going to extract, give it a minute.

We’ll start up kodi, and i’m, going to show you around quickly. Okay: okay, once the installation downloads and extracts the build you just have to press force close when it’s successfully done okay, let’s.

Press force closed. That’s gonna close up kodi. As you can see, i have my vpn still running, so i’m fully protected. My vpn always was running okay. Now i’m gonna hit on kodi, and i’m gonna open it up with our new fresh xanax build, and i’m going to show you a couple of add-ons that you should be using you’ll get the splash pop-up means the build installed successfully.

We’re successfully running this build and we’ve properly set up the build. It does take a while until things get updated, but a couple of add-ons that i can recommend that are really excellent for enjoying content.

Is it’s going to be under movies? You have the first section, click one down one more down and try numbers numbers is excellent for movies and tv shows. Okay, fill is awesome, sir, the crew is good. Athena is good.

All of them are really good. Okay, you can also search metallic, which searches all add-ons for a specific movie. Okay, so it searches across multiple add-ons metallic is great. Okay, you got tv show section as well.

I recommend number shows really great exodus shows really great gonna pull in a lot of links for you, you got a family section, so you can see the the build is updating. While i’m using it, so give it five minutes.

The first time you install it before you start going off and using it okay, family section as well. We got a lot of stuff like uh, kiddo, disney classics. She tuned kodi, great add-on, okay, okay, then we got sports tv.

We got sports, prime, so, on the sports tv we can go, xenax live tv and catch up. Okay, we got free tv section, which is free, iptv, free, cable television. In here we can use awesome add-ons like usa tv.

We can use swift streams. Fluxes is good tv tap right in here, so i showed you how to install the app, but it’s. Also in here in kodi, okay free tv section, we got our sports section for all you, sport, you got maverick sports, you got replay, you got nhl, you got nba nfl soccer ufc.

You got everything under this add-on right here, okay and then, of course, you got the loop underneath blue hat sports go to sports all of these add-ons. Our work do work and once they get all updated, they’re going to appear here.

So it does take a minute. It does take five minutes for all of it to kick in okay, music, section best with reel the brit and then system so anytime. You want to update the build. You would go to system very important and you would just hit the update build button.

Okay, very easy to use very safe explanatory. Now i can go to sports section. The loop uh sportova tv. They’re. All great blue hat sports complete complete media center xanax is the best if you ever wanted to update the build.

Like i said, system press update built once every couple of months make sure you updated cleaning tools. You want to clean up some add-ons excellent excellent, build for kodi 19 and cody fully set up, let’s, hit the home button and i’ll show you the couple apps that i got that you might want to enjoy as well.

Your apps and games make sure your vpn is on you’re, going to get the most links and, like i said that’s available in the pin, comment description and then let’s. Look at some of my favorite apps that i downloaded, so we’ve, downloaded cinema apk, and let me show you why i like that.

So i’m, going to start up cinema apk press the allow button once cinema apk starts up. I’m, going to press the accept button and press the ok button, and in here you got movies and tv shows very easy to use.

I’ll click, the hamburger menu you can search for a movie. You can filter a movie. You can go to a hamburger menu, you can go to movies, say i’m in the mood for uhd release and say i want to watch uh asylum.

I would click on it and then all the links would come up under streams. I would just click on a stream, and i’d, be able to play that movie see how all the streams are coming up. Lots of links, lots of content very easy to use a little bit faster than kodi, not so laggish hit play.

This would kick in a timer, and the movie would play okay takes a second to get a plane once it loads. You’ll. Have that timer kick in! You have closed captioning as well. If you want to turn it on right from the player and the content would would play okay, if the link is sluggish, you can always go to another movie, hit the play button and then timer kicks in and the movie starts playing there you go.

The movie starts playing very simple: to use very nice cinema apk is going to give you a lot of tv, shows a lot of movies and it’s. Super super fast, one of the best apks to run alongside with cody okay.

Next, i’m going to show you is btv that i downloaded another one of my favorites. This gets you a lot of links also for movies and tv shows very fast, very good performance on the fire. Stick some apps! You might want to look at after setting up kodi with me.

Okay, so search icon, discover we got movies hd releases. All that stuff is here. Let’s say i wanted to watch um, let’s. Do uh yeah! Let’s. Do fat man, you click on fat, man, you hit play and then it would search for all that content.

Okay and then you would hit play button if it asks to install any player like t player or any other player. Don’t install the player we can use. The basic android player finds the link play with subtitle or play hit that play button.

This thing will spin up and then i’ll, try playing the content. These are my favorite. These are good. These are fun, and these work very well if it says like link not ready like for me just exit the player very simple and then say you know what i’m gonna try another link here and hit play.

This will spin up same concept, timer will kick in, our player will come up and then we’ll, be able to watch that movie or that tv show, whatever the case might be, whatever we select it takes a minute tries to play.

The content tries to connect to the server, but eventually it will play that content. If it doesn’t play, you can always try another link. I’m going to exit the player here. You can see that i have 17 links here that i can trust and i can hit play.

I have 17 links to try and eventually one of them will play look how fast this one played. Okay, so that’s. It btv great application, looks like free, netflix, really, really incredible, but way way more content and very fast.

The third one i’m going to show you is ttd and i’ll show you the quick three ones for live television. So let’s. Look at ttv press the allow button press the accept button, ttv got top rated on the air airing.

Today we got search right here is the global search. Let’s say we want to watch a tv show. Let’s, click on a tv show and let’s say i want to watch cobra, kai and press the cancel on t player, choose season or watch now.

So i’m going to say you know what season season. Four i wan na watch episode four on season. Four, the latest episode it’s, gonna search for us in ttv. It’s. Gon na dump all the links down here and then i could click on the link and i could play that actual content here’s, four links it’s still scraping.

I’m impatient click on the first link and then timer will kick in here and i’ll start playing the content. I can jump seasons, i can jump episodes down here as well. I can choose which episode i want to watch and i have my full player right here.

If the first link doesn’t work gives you trouble, no problem just hit. One back to get out of there hit play again. It’s. Going to check the link and that link is working. Eventually, it’s going to connect to that link and it’s going to play that content.

Timer is going to kick in here for you and then you’re. Going to be able to enjoy the content does take a minute or two for the content to kick in there. You go. I just fast forward it. The content’s playing, i’m going to exit, but it’s.

Playing it’s, all good okay, so that’s. Ttv now i’m gonna blur these things out because per youtube policies. I cannot show this stuff so because i’m, not sure if they have licenses or not, that’s. Why we’re using a vpn where we’re streaming.

All this content to be safe and protected. Okay, so let’s start up redbox tv. When redbox tv comes up. Okay, it’s. I’m gonna blur this out. But basically you start it up. You get live television. You pick your channel.

You start the channel, see here you go. You got my categories, i’m going to say us. I want to watch tv and i want to watch cnbc or whatever uh whatever channel you want. They’re all here. I’m picking on everyone.

I’m, not picking cnbc. I change my mind. I’m, going to press android player. I’m, going to say just once or always actually just say always so you have to click on it. Every time and there you go it’s playing the channel is live, live television, free, hundreds and thousands of channels.

Okay in red box tv, let’s, look at the next one, which is live net tv another of my favorites for live tv. I’m gonna blur this out as well. When i’m, showing you this okay, so let’s blur that out. Let’s! Press the continue here once you start it up press the allow button and it’s, going to start up livenet tv for us.

It’s going to take about up to 100. It’s, going to take a minute or two to start that up. Okay, there, it is just starting that up all the channels will appear just the same concept. Click your category at the top search your channels as well.

If you’re searching for a specific channel, live tv channel, make sure you select, android player, say always and click that channel that channel will spin up and that channel will load and, as you can see it’s already playing blurred Out, okay, i blur everything out here.

For these i can’t, show the logos of the channels. Let’s. Look at our last one tv top, and this is one of my favorite ones as well. These five apps are amazing. Next to it here shows you the search it’s.

All blurred out shows you the language of the channel us spanish, whatever you want to watch so this one’s, us abc, and then i can go full screen, and this is now playing full full level. It’s all blurred out.

Okay, so i’m gonna exit here. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here with me much much appreciated if you would hit that subscribe button hit the thumbs up button. Let me know in the comments below, if you did take the advantage of the vpn.

If do you think it’s? A good deal leave a comment below. If you have any problems with the vpn contact, their support, they’ll. Get back to you right away. They’re awesome, keeps you protected, keeps you anonymous.

Keeps you safe hit the bell icon. When you subscribe to me, you want to be notified on the next kodi apk update, okay, so hit that bell icon. Thank you guys very much. I’m trying to reach a hundred thousand subscribers hope i can reach it with your guys help.

Thank you so much hit that subscribe. That’s, all you can do for me and that bell icon. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys. Thank you for watching see y’all in the next one. Take

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Unlike services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, and it’s constantly being modified and upgraded by countless of coders around the world. Since its creation in 2003, Kodi has been shaped by more than 500 software developers and more than 200 translators. That means you can now customize by installing addons or builds, and they’re totally free, too. And it’s not just for laptops; Kodi can now work on everything from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick.




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