Hi guys another tutorial for the new exodus addon for kodi. Another add on by TV ADDONS to replace genesis and includes movies and tv shows. requires add on installer and this is shown in the guide



  1. Stalker TV not working for me at all I’ve tried it on fire stick and windows all I get is authorization fails and access denied won’t even open channels list

  2. Loaded but not returning any files to stream, same as what Genesis is doing, any ideas or other good sources to replace a genesis?

  3. My fire stick is completely had it mate 🙁 won’t open a build after kodi has installed what so ever. Can’t even do this add on extra in a fresh kodi installation as it won’t find the files. Something is telling me it’s buggered big time

    • +Top Tutorials yeah reset the whole thing twice – all local apps are working. Sorry for always mentioning it but I’m fairly new to this and this has only stopped since I tried updating the build yesterday, without a fresh start… Which stupid me should of done. Since then I’ve re set and opened kodi from fresh and it refuses to do anything

    • you could use es file explorer to delete the kodi folder. also make sure you uninstall kodi . then install it again . dont install over the top 


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