Hi peeps, framing updates and help here, quick one today on a kodi build so that’s from the slammers build uh. First things: first kind of doesn’t know how to get this on your fire stick. First, you go over to settings once when you’re setting scroll down to applications, so in applications, my fire tv then down to developer options and you make sure apps from unknown sources are turned on, and once you have put that on your back Out of the settings option of my fire tv um, you go up towards to the magnifying glass just search bar once you on the search bar.

You want to search for uh an app store downloader. So there you go download it is there. You want to click on the download and it’s, the orange label, with the downloader on, and you want to be installing that once this is installed.

Obviously you want to be opening in this app. This is where you’re, going to be downloading kodi from allow on this screen and then obviously, okay on this message is a quick start guide on how to use the downloader app.

So you want to be pressing, ok on there and then in the enter, url or search term. You want to be cert um typing in the following url. What is that would be on screen any minute? Now there we go toy point dot com forward, slash kodi stable.

This will be your download point to get cody the the obviously the stable version of kodi. So once you have um type this in, if you need time in this part of the video to pause, feel free to pause and obviously come back to where we left off after you’ve put this in, i will also be showing you guys How to get this on android device as well before we go into the kodi build, so a couple of letters left to put in there stable, build to get the stable kodi version and obviously then you’ll just want to press go.

This will now connect you to the downloading site and it will then start downloading. I will speed this up a little bit, so this video isn’t so long and then obviously, when you get to this screen, you want to be going to next and install once kodi will install.

You want to be pressing done here, not open, but done so you can delete the files, so they don’t, take up space on your fire stick and then you want to be pressing. The back button home screen button to get out and then to find the kodi uh add-on, um app.

You want to be holding down your home button on your menu. Until this screen comes up on this screen. You will be going into apps, then you’ll, find kodi on your options. Button you’ll, be holding that down and you can move this to the front.

So it’s easier to get to next time. You want to be going into kodi now, for now i ‘ Ll. Show you how to get this on android device, simple one! You just open your google play store and you just type in kodi.

It will always have the most stable version of kodi. On here, and with this also having on an android device, it will automatically update your kodi to the latest stable version. What is great for you guys who are using android device, so yeah simple as that it will install and you can open it and away.

We go so once it’s, that is it that’s. How to get on both devices. Let’s, go into kodi now and i’ll. Show you how to get the build that i’m. I’m, going to show you first things. First, you need to make sure you go to settings, you can press the icon or the gear icon there.

You go down to um systems at the bottom right hand corner once you are in here. You want to be going down to the word where it says add-ons go across to unknown sources, and then you want to make sure unknown sources is turned on, so that will allow you to do the following urls and install from zip file.

Now you want to go back up to where it says: file manager at the top left hand corner now, once you are there, you want to be clicking on that and open that open and you won’t be going down to where it says.

Add source in here you want to be clicking on the first box that is highlighted, and you want to be typing the following path: what is http summarizebuilds.com forward? Slash repo again, if you need time to type this in then feel free to pause.

The video i do leave this screen on for quite a while, for you guys to be there to i’m, not the quickest at typing myself, so yeah guys feel free to pause. If you need to and then once you obviously do, that you want to press, ok and then into the media source, you want to request anything.

You can anything. You want that you, you can remember what it’s called. I’m. Just going to call it um yeah and then you can call it whatever you like and then obviously then, once you’ve gotten both in and it’s, definitely correct to what i’ve put in there.

You want to be pressing okay, and then you want to go back now once and then across to add-ons once you into add-ons you want to be going down to where it says, install from zip file. Now this is where you need to remember that name that you called that uh source, so mama’s called slammers wiz, and i want to be clicking on slam wiz.

Once you’re in this language, you’ll, be going down to the bottom, one where it says slammeros wizard. You want to highlight it and select that this will now install the slam of your uh, sorry repo. So this sometimes can take some time.

Sometimes you know, depending on the servers at the time, so there we go that is done pretty quickly and then this message will pop up. You want to just dismiss this. This is just welcoming you to the bill telling you updates and stuff that’s happening on the slammers wizard.

Here again, you want to person continue, and then you want to be going into the build menu. This is where we ‘ Ll get the build that i am showing you today. Is it the one called onyx? What is almost right down the bottom? There there’s, a load of great builds in this wizard to be fair.

The star wars build is probably the most popular in there slam light if you’re on a a smaller device, but we’re on onix. Today, so once you highlight onyx, you want to be selecting that and you want to be going down to fresh, install.

I’m, going to be going across to where it says continue, and this is where the installation will start it will download the wizard first. This will take depending on how quick your internet speed is. Mine at the minute is not very good um.

I’m waiting for an update and i’m getting some a new um internet provider. So i’ve, basically just skipped most of this bit for you, so the video again is not so long once it’s downloaded. It will then install all the plugins that is provided for this and again, i have skipped up.

Most of this, for you to do once that’s, all done. You want to force close it, and now we go back into it to cody and you wait for the build to start once the build is start. You’ll. Wait for probably two to three minutes to get all the updates done so again.

I have fast forward a bit of this because i don’t want you to be watching a good 20 25 minute video. I know you guys just want to see what the bill’s like and get on with doing it and having to build yourself so yeah i’ll.

Just skip some of this, but again just wait. A good wait for them. Pop-Ups to go: wait for your widget to load at the top here and then you’re good to go basically uh once the clear packages happen and there we go.

We’re up and running and we’ll. Go through this quickly very quickly, but you guys i, like, i’m, not gonna click on any links and anything i’ll. Let you guys see it for yourself, but this is a good build so again, first it will start in the ein category.

You ‘ Ve got some good categories at the bottom thriller and all that go across the systems. Obviously it’s. All the main things on here, far managing still from zip file, the repo um. You can change different bills from here the maintenance.

You can do a total, clean up, update add-ons and settings just the simple stuff that there, that is, for you guys to do across the movies um. The widget is up there as well um, some of them take. You know for me, obviously with my internet, not so good at the minute.

It takes a little while to know, but you got all the new trendy movies up there. You ‘ Ve got a good category. There uh tv shows you ‘ Ve got there’s, almost the same sort of add-ons that you had on the movies, the crew and eye candy, some good ones there um and again you got the widget will take it.

Obviously it shouldn’t. Do if you guys spend on your internet speed and how quick it will know, but mine hasn’t come through just yet, but it will. It just will eventually work on that bit and there we go mine is coming through, so it’s, a nice layer.

I like this build um. Some of us do do some good builds to be fair, and this is another good one that they’ve got here with onyx, so yeah you’ve got trending networks, tv calendar, my tv shows uh next, section music, uh, you’ve got live concerts and different categories at the top in your widget that load up pretty quick and you ‘

Ve got some different, um music add-ons at the bottom, with your sub menus as well sports. A great sports engineer. Most of this is through the crew um. You got the loop titan sports to crew, go to pre-build it, and then you got.

You know all your mostly american sports at the bottom there with uh nba wwe. If you’re, a wwe fan and then you’ve got a replay section, ufc yeah everything you need really is here in the sports section and obviously the widget once it eventually loads.

Obviously i could keep saying my internet is shocking. At the minute i am going to a new provider so soon i should be happy days for me next section it’s favorites. This is well. Obviously you will save all your favorites.

You’ll, get them all in here. You’ve got box, sets collections and all that um next. Obviously, i’m, going to be pretty quick to apologize. If you think i’m, doing it too, quick add-ons in the add-ons is obviously you got your program add-ons.

Your video add-ons, um and stuff, like that, we’ll, have a quick look? What’s in the video add-ons here, uh 23 add-ons all the best right here to be fair and yeah. You ‘ Ve got some great add-ons there that you know if you just want a certain part that’s, not within these menus.

You can go into add-ons and search add-ons themselves for different parts. You might find that a lot easier yourself and then we’re into the last section. What and then you got some nice section there with new movies movie, most tv shows and you got collections and movie chess hack, the planet yeah it’s, a good add-on here.

Um sorry build here for cody to november yeah, so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy it and – and i’ll – see you in the next one. For now i’m out.

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