Hey guys it’s adam here now, if you use kodi to watch tv and movies online, you probably don’t want your internet service provider, hackers or other unauthorized people keeping logs of what you watch. So today, i’m going over the top three vpns that are the best for fast and secure kodi streaming.

So, first of all, why would you even want to use a vpn with kodi? Well before video streaming was a thing. There was often no way for a cable company government or any other group or person to know what you are watching in your own home, but as the internet has transformed home entertainment privacy has become a greater concern.

These days, your internet service provider can legally keep logs of everything you watch on the internet, although most have terms of service that forbid them from selling this information. These terms can be changed as long as they notify you through email to make matters worse.

Some internet service providers have been caught throttling the speeds of streaming video users causing their videos to buffer, but snooping from internet service providers is not the only problem you’ll face as a kodi user.

Many streaming sites themselves block users based on their geographic location. For example. Many kodi users rely on the chubby tv kodi add-on to watch official content from choobytv.com if you’re in the us and using this add-on.

Popular uk films, such as bullet boy and zapped, do not even show up on the menu if you’re in the uk you’ll face a similar problem, as us films like joe and the last stand are excluded from the add-ons menu.

These titles aren’t excluded because of the add-on itself, but because the website it connects to, it shows different content to users from different locations. Similar problems with geo-blocked content occur with other kodi add-ons, including crackle, espn3, zatu box and others.

Because of these problems, video streamers often use vpns to allow themselves greater freedom and privacy while watching content online with a vpn. All of your data is encrypted and re-routed through a vpn server before it is sent to the streaming site.

This helps to prevent your internet service provider from knowing what you’re, watching or even where you’re streaming it from. It also helps to prevent the streaming site from knowing, where you’re located using a vpn helps to prevent speed, throttling geographic content blocking and other problems.

This is why many video streamers love using a vpn but choosing a vpn to use with kodi can be difficult, as there are a lot of options available. A lot of vpns won’t actually work with kodi, because most of them are intended just for web browsing.

So here i’ll recommend the top three vpns that work effectively with kodi i tested each vpn thoroughly and chose the best ones based on their speed, reliability, ease of use, security features and obviously their compatibility with kodi devices.

Each of the vpns i’m about to mention is fast enough to stream high definition, video also they have apps for the most popular kodi devices, such as the amazon fire, stick and nvidia shield, making them even easier to use for tv streaming on these platforms.

So my number one pick is expressvpn expressvpn’s reputation for eliminating geoblocks is well known. If you use kodi and add-ons like crackle chubby tv, iplayer, www or zatu box you’ll be happy to discover that it effectively unblocks their content.

In addition, expressvpn has an app in the amazon app store, making it great for fire tv fire tv stick and fire tv cube users. It also has an app in the google play store, making it easy to install. If you have an android tv box or nvidia shield, expressvpn has 3 000 servers in 90 countries.

If one server is too slow, then there are plenty of others that you can switch to. The service also provides a speed test feature that makes it very easy to find the fastest server. They have a strict policy against keeping logs.

So you can rest easy, knowing your private information is not kept on their servers. It’S no surprise that expressvpn is a big hit with video streamers. You can try the service for yourself with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I have a special discount link as well, which will save you extra money and i’ll put that in the description area below so. Second, on the list is nordvpn nordvpn offer network of more than 5500 servers in over 60 countries.

Many of those can unblock geo-locked streaming services like bbc iplayer, hulu and netflix android users without google play can get the apk file directly from the nordvpn website. Nordvpn can be manually configured using a range of different protocols.

The company uses 256 bit encryption and adheres to a strict xero logs policy speeds are decent and connections are reliable. The default map interface might not be suitable for users who operate kodi with a remote control, but you can switch to view the available servers in list form as well.

Apps are available for windows, mac os linux, ios and android. So, in summary, it works well with kodi and can unblock most popular streaming. Sites has exceptional speeds, offers secure encrypted connections at all times and a strict, no log policy ideal for privacy, conscious users.

The only flaw that i can see is the desktop app is a little cumbersome and takes some getting used to now. Finally, in third place is surf shark surf shark offers access to over 3 200 servers in 60 plus countries and is fast enough for lag.

Free hd live streaming. This is ideal since it also unblocks some of the most stubborn streaming platforms abroad, including netflix, amazon, prime video and bbc iplayer, better still, while many vpns allow six device connections at most surfshark has no problem with you connecting every single device you own simultaneously.

This service uses a list based country selector, so remote control users shouldn’t have any issues getting connected. It protects your privacy using 256-bit encryption protection against web rtc, dns and ipv6 leaks and a strict, no logs policy.

An added bonus is that users can pay in ripple, ethereum or bitcoin for another layer of anonymity. Also, they offer 24 7 live chat. Just in case you need some help. Surfshark apps are available for mac, os linux, ios, android and windows.

This service can even be manually installed on supported internet routers, so the pros of surf shark is that it unblocks some of the most stubborn streaming platforms abroad has solid speeds, strong security credentials, a no logs policy and no device connection limit, which is great, as mentioned.

They do have customer support, however, it could be a bit better, so there you have it guys using one of these top vpns will help you stream kodi smoothly securely and without geo blocks. Getting in your way, in the description section below, i will put special discount links that will give you a better price on these products so that you can save yourself some more money.

If you do have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to like my video. If you found this review helpful and as always subscribe to my channel, if you want to be up to date on the latest, vpns


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