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Xenon Build

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  1. This is a great build. However, every 1-2 minutes, no matter what I’m watching, the program or movie freezes up, I hit pause, hit play and it will play another minute or so before freezing up again. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks! 🙂

    • I’ve tried several in the sports zone. Under the MLB, the ‘streamendous’ link never works and the other one stated I must download reaper 2.0. Under Live HD MLB, ‘streamendous’ came up again and also a prosport link. I got an error that the link was not found. I went into All Sports Live TV and received an error that no stream was available. I went into MLB.TV and received an error that the web request failed. Under Stream HD Live Sports, a pop-up came up stating I needed to download the add-on Castaway. I’m not sure what the issue is with the live sports. Everything else plays great.

    • another alternative, go to the tab xenon x6.3 which is two tabs left of movies, click onvideo addons right below it, scroll until you see sportsdevil, click live sports, click firstrowsports.eu, click baseball, click the game you want and try all links one should work.

    • My xenon is 6.5. I went under the Sports Zone tab and click on Sportsdevil and the link you provided. It brought up 4 links. The 1st one said web request failed. The 2nd one, the backscreen changed but nothing happened. I tried clicking on it again, it said ‘working’ but then stops loading and nothing comes up. The 3rd link is a possible winner. However, it took forever to load and after 10 seconds it froze and went back out to the page where the links are located. The 4th link said no stream available. I tried the 3rd link again. It came up and then froze again. Tried one more time and it said ‘commercial break.’ I’m not sure if the link will continue streaming or if it will throw me back out again.

    • I found one channel, that worked fairly well today, but not for a game I was interested in, and the audio was in Spanish, though it said English on the link?

  2. So I use the infusion build and when I try to watch sports it always tells me “link unavailable” or something of that matter, don’t quote me. And I’m missing a lot of my basketball I really need help with this issue. But other than that your the man with everything else!!


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