What’s? Good YouTube? It’s. The all-knowing I love! You know feeling I’ll sing, oh powerful! Just them all everything sexy as hell hosted a life games channel. If you’re new to my channel, welcome if you’re, my old-school player players from the Himalayas, thank you for turning here and to all people.

If you want to know why, I’m perfectly qualified to help you guys make it life games just check out some of my past videos. I’ve done some with millionaires and billionaires and politicians certified personal trainer.

So I’ve done some things in Fitness. I owned and operated a respiratory business working with children with lung problems and also was a truck driver, and I put that thing in a ditch one day, all right a lot of stuff.

I’ve done to save y’all some time and some effort make y ‘ All get those life games today’s. Video is a two-prong, video for the folks that follow me for technology and Cody and for those that follow me for my youtubes and helping others start YouTube channels.

I also do that as well. I help people start their YouTube channels, damn damn damn James, oh shoot. Oops I clicked on the wrong one. Give me a second to get back to the main screen. Ladies and gentlemen, they say, impersonation is the ultimate form of flattery, and I’ve, been on a pretty good, pretty good role in a good tear on YouTube, going from pretty much three thousand subscribers in April now into December, I’m Right at above 20,000, and what have we found, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a guy that is stealing my videos and when I say steal them, I don’t mean cutting me out, changing my voice and none of that [ __ ], I mean he’s, stealing my likeness, my intro and everything, and if you’re starting your YouTube channel and you see that that’s, probably gonna be some that’s.

Gon na bug. The hell out of he’s, probably gonna make you so sick. You want to go slap your mama, but I’m here. To show you, this video is going to show you what you do in a professional manner, but guys as always, I got to show you what’s going on.

So we’re gonna come over here to the sexy, as hell. Jumbotron, yes, my TV has a name. This is the sexiest hell Jumbotron this person right here. The dude got two profiles. I mean black people can’t catch a break in America.

Can we? I guess he thought I was one of those dumb African Americans that ain’t know nothing because most of his channel is my stuff and there are two other Kodi youtubers in here. You might want to take a look at this as well, because I know y ‘

All follow me even though you’re at like you, don’t, so he’s got MacBook and MacBook 2016. We’re gonna click on this one. First and y ‘ All ain’t gonna believe this cool. I just did this video Monday and damn look at that.

Damn that’s, a good-looking dude. I just done that like three weeks ago. This is another co2 youtuber that’s. Another. This is my video, ladies and gentlemen. The chicane ur e never ends. I mean it just never ends, and this is just one of his things that he’s, got going on right, where’s, the rest of it stuff it at.

This is my video, ladies and gentlemen. Two hours ago, two hours ago, this guy’s, just uploaded one of my videos. Nine hours ago, he uploaded my likeness and another nine hours. He uploaded my video and, with these two he cooked down my thumbnail guess he got lazy on that part.

Now let’s. Click on this. Let me show you what happened: [, Music ] like knowing I love the hell man, whoo boy. You have fully arrived when something like this happens. Ladies and gentlemen, you have arrived, and so, if you follow me just know, don’t click on either one of these two profiles.

When you see them these two right here, you might see my likeness. You might see my face, but it’s, not me, so that was Matt vote 2016. Let’s! Click on Matt book. Whatever this is, let’s just give a click here.

I am again, ladies and gentlemen, so he’s, basically taking my videos and loading them to do two separate profiles. All right, and now we’re gonna jump from here to the computer. Let me show you guys who are new to new to our YouTube.

What you can do to warrant this and we’re gonna go from there all right life game. Is we didn’t jumped off the Sexy’s, hell Jumbotron and we are on the computer and, as you can see, this is the same guys profile and I’m gonna show you guys what to do when They steal your stuff, and so these are his popular uploads and I ‘

Ve already had a few removed and when you have then, when you go through the process of getting them removed, I’ll. Show you what pops up when we’re done all right, but let’s, just click through his popular stuff.

If these are any of you guys out there, you better go ahead and and say something. So this is one of our videos all right, but let’s, click view 100 and then we’re gonna click on want to show you what you need to do all right, so that’s, one of mine, That’s me right there.

Damn with my batman shirt. Oh man give me a break, so I would tell you guys if you find someone that has stolen numerous videos, alright, get you a pen and paper handy because YouTube does allow you to report multiple videos, alright, so let’s.

Click on this video! Okay, here it is report if click on report, whatever reporting, what is the issue all right? Child abuse? No, but I do feel like I’ve, been you know, going through the banana in the tailpipe type deal, but it’s.

Not that harmful danger is that hmm, no violent or repulsive content, definitely not sexual content. No, I’m just sexy, but it’s, not in the sexual manner. Here we go and fringes on my rights that’s. What he’s doing and then you have to select another one, and you will click infringes on my copyright, alright and then you just click, Submit ok.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, you have got to be 100 % clear that this is your video. It can’t, be a video where you’re using somebody else’s, music, because you would have to port them into the claim. It has to be your content.

If you’re, someone who has a media a small to medium channel and you’ve been doing well with it just make sure it’s. Your material before you submit this because YouTube can and will get rid of your channel if they find out it’s, not your material.

So we’re gonna go ahead and click Submit copyright. Alright, ok! What’s? The issue kind of the same question: they just want to know what’s going on and you know if you do have a trademark. This is what you will click, but for most of us new youtubers, you’re, just gonna click, copyright infringers, someone copied my creation that’s.

What the guy did, who’s affected? I am Lamont Tyson. I’m affected alright, and this is where I was saying: if you’re using someone else, someone else’s material in your stuff, you will put, you would click I am and another copyright owner alright.

Now you want to keep multiple browsers open because URL of a legend and friends video you’ve got to go back and get it so right. Here I’m on this video. Alright, that’s. Why? I said you need a a piece of paper, so you can write this stuff down.

You’re, just gonna, come to where it says, share. Give a click right here, copy that come back over here. Put it right on in there just like that, then ask you describe work allegedly in friends. Please let one my YouTube! Video was re uploaded by another, that’s, what you would click and, unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, the painstaking part of this is you’re gonna have to open another window, and this is why I told you you need to write Down the name of that video, because you’ve got to go open up a window to your own YouTube channel.

Alright, I’m sure you a quick way to do that, go to video manager and you have to find the name of the video that he has stolen. So let me go back and what is this one, how to easiest way to get free, cable channels live sports on Cody collie go through all this all right.

I would encourage you guys to play a little bit of your video, because this do his slick. Ass. Might change the name around and then throw it on another one of your video. So when you check the video play a little bit of it then go find your video alright and I’m gonna go, find it alright.

Ladies and gentlemen, after a little bit of digging, I found it and I’m gonna go ahead and click and copy the link address. But I’m gonna open it and play it just to make sure this is the same one, because I just want to be sure for YouTube that this is the right one yep and, ladies and gentlemen, this is the right one, and so Once you’ve got that link address.

You would just come back on over. Here. Click paste – and in this case he’s done the entire video, whereas you could put a timestamp and then you could put for a minute whatever to whatever. But in this case he stole that.

So you just put entire video and from here, if you want it to do another one, you can add another one. I’m, not gonna. Do that today just to keep this video short down here, you would have to put your legal information.

So right here you would put my name alright. Do I have authority to make the claim? Yes, I do alright, you put your name there and you can give them a secondary email address. Alright done that, and you need to put your full legal name here.

Okay, then they need your home address. Whatever address you gave to your assets, account where important documents come that type deal, that’s. The address you’re gonna put here, and I’m gonna put mine.

I covered all this stuff up. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t want I don’t want anybody trying to come to my house saying that their group he came to get the sexiest. He’ll you to host alright. Then you will scroll down from here.

You have to check more all these boxes, ladies and gentlemen, just give a click on all of them. Ok and then you would type in your name here and you submit the claim if something comes up wrong, they’ll.

Stop you some and submit the claim. Ok, so I’ve done something wrong. Signature must match exactly what’s on your full legal name entered above so that’s, Lamont Tyson. What did I do wrong? Oh, this needs to be kept.

The Tyson needs to be capitalized, goodness gracious. Now you submit the claim. This is what you get, then you’re gonna get a notification email and I’ll show you guys what that looks like the to do it for this video.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you find out, someone is impersonating, you still in your whole Channel don’t fret, even at times YouTube catches. This thing on their own and there are even some cases where you can file the same thing.

We just did and have it let them keep it and get paid for it. The only problem is with my particular situation. It’s, just a turn of videos. It’s time consuming, ladies and gentlemen and my new folks starting YouTube channel.

It is very time consuming and it’s frustrating as hell, and so you just have to be diligent because everybody in this economy is trying to make a buck, and if he would, I asked me, I would say, hey dude, you can use my Video as long as I get paid for it, so that’s.

How you solve this problem folks, I just started YouTube channels. You need further help. Don’t be afraid to hit me up. My contact information is all in here in the link description below alright, which I try to help you out.

I try to help you grow as I grow, that’s. Gon na. Do it for this video. Ladies and gentleman, please don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe, go out there and get yourself that life game check.

The video description box below my video see, Who I am do business with me – do business with my affiliates and until the next sexiest hell video, we will see you guys: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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