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BDO Skill Calculator

Please see here for FULL notes and description. The description I have is too long for Youtube.

Levels 1-50 234-SP Pre-Awakened Wizard @ 1:01

Levels 1-55 399-SP Pre-Awakened Wizard @ 2:24

Level 56 484-SP Awakened Wizard @ 3:33

Level 58 774-SP Awakened Wizard @ 6:04

Level 60 1150-SP Awakened Wizard @ 7:25

Level 61 1868-SP Awakened Wizard (Current Build) @ 9:11

Bddatabase only shows 1804 due to a bug with Bolide of
Destruction III not saving after skill build is created.

BDO Planner

Options of Boss (Ideal) Gear Sets

Standard AP Build with Nouver Off-Hand (Hidden AP Crystals in Main-Hand) @ 12:16

Note: You can easily sub the Nouver out for Ultimate Steel or another Off-Hand that may be DP/Evasion/HP based.

(Heavy) Accuracy AP Build with Kutum Off-Hand (Precision Crystals in Main-Hand) @ 15:33

(Moderate) Accuracy AP Build with Kutum Off-Hand (1 Precision Crystal/ 1 AP Crystal in Main-Hand) @ 17:20

High DP/Low AP Hybrid Build with Ultimate Rosar Off-Hand (Precision Crystals in Main-Hand) @ 19:01

High DP/Low AP (Rocaba) Evasion Build with Ultimate Rosar Off-Hand (Precision Crystals in Main-Hand) @ 22:55

High DP/Low AP/High HP Build with Ultimate Rosar Off-Hand (Precision Crystals in Main-hand) @ 23:18
My Wizard HP in comparison @ 28:18

My Current Gear @ 29:22

Best Non-Boss Gear Sets

Grunil/Heve HP Build with Ultimate Rosar Main-Hand @ 31:03

Grunil/Heve HP Build with Ultimate Yuria Main-Hand @ 36:03

Full Grunil BUild with Ultimate Rosar Main-Hand @ 36:57

Full Grunil Build with Ultimate Yuria Main-Hand @ 38:25

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  1. unsure why you prefer bronze dagger over rosar or steel in the earlier game. Care explaining your choices of offhands? Also, im not sure if azula's accessories were out at the time of this video, but obviously that set is the best accessory set for the early-mid game for everyone. Also, if you can afford it, Liverto is a decent and pretty cheap weapon for wiz IMO. you can put casting speed gems on gloves instead or just one +2 crit to cap at 5. Why rosar staff though? it would seem that most people seem to prefer bares if they dont opt for liverto.

  2. Heyy, so, i started playing black desert this month on the SA server, and we just got kzarka and don't have awakening. I still lv56 with +15 grunils and yuria. What do you suggest about gems? I have no idea about whats the best for speed farming, idk how precision works, how evasion works etc. Could you please give a lost soul a direction <3?

  3. How do you get the lightning effect? Oh and I respectfully disagree on your non-boss set. I personally thing Steel Taritas head, feet and hands with Roaring Magical Armor is the best armor set pre-boss gear. That's 68 accuracy. Then best for the price would be Blue Coral ears, Mark of Shadow or Red Coral fingers ((little beefier), Shultz neck and shultz belt. My personal opinion until we get the Liverto armor set.

  4. Cheers for the guide helps a lot but im curious why exactly do you take sages memory (using the 58 build currently) is it for throwing out instant meteors or teleports just wondering when im actually suppose to use it since i dont find myself leaving awakening often besides buffing/healing

  5. Hi im a pretty new player who is level 50 right now and this is my gear setup What should i focus on getting better? im not realy rich right now but im gonna try and grind a bit more so il get closer to 56 something soon. Im pretty afraid of trying to uppgrade my gear since i am afraid of damaging or ruining the gear. I don't know how long it's safe to enchant and if i should use something more than just the uppgrade crystals.

  6. Awesome guide. Only decent one I've found so far that doesn't seem completely outdated! Has anything changed since the video was posted? It's helped a new player a lot.

    Edit: I saw in a comment below that most info is transferable to the Witch.


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