Hey everybody antenna guy here antennajunkies.com what’s up, so i got a brand new kodi add-on here for you today, and this add-on is a new fork of shadow from chains repository it’s, got some working free links and, of course, For real debrid users, it’s, got all of those paid links as well, so that’s.

What we’re gonna look at in this video, let’s, get going [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], okay! So before we get going, i do want to say if you are new to the channel and finding me for the very first time.

Please do consider subscribing smashing that notification bell. So you know when i’m, dropping new videos and giving me a thumbs up if you learned something in this video so before we get any kodi add-on installed, there is one simple thing you need to do to be able to do that.

So i want you to head on over to the settings icon here and i want you to head on over to system settings and then from system settings. I want you to head to the add-ons tab here and i want you to enable unknown sources and it’s going to say you know warning.

Are you sure you want to do this? You’re, going to go ahead and say yes, and this is going to allow you to install third-party repositories and get these awesome add-ons. So this is probably a good time now to bring up the use of a vpn.

Now you can see here. I’m using expressvpn. You know any time you’re streaming on kodi. I highly highly recommend that you use a vpn to hide your ass. You do not want to get shut down by your isp or get into any kind of copyright infringement type problems.

So do yourself a favor use. A vpn expressvpn is the best it’s. My number one recommended vpn, the other vpns i recommend – are nordvpn and ipvanish, and i’m gonna go ahead and leave links in the description below and i do i’m gonna be honest with you guys.

I do earn a small commission when you click on one of these links, but that just helps what i’m doing here. Okay, so to get this awesome add-on from the chains repo installed, i want you to head back up to the settings or gear icon here and then from here this time i want you to choose the file manager, then i want you to add a source and On this none field, i want you to click on that none field and i want you to enter the url exactly as i’m entering it here.

Otherwise, it’s not going to work. So i’m going to zoom into this, so you get a good look at it. Okay, so the url is http colon forward. Slash forward, slash the change24.com forward, slash chains, repo okay, so i want you to enter the url exactly like this.

Otherwise, it’s, not gonna work. Okay and after you’ve done that i want you to choose. Okay, and you know if you’ve watched my videos. I do like to preface my repos with a period just to keep things organized and at the top, and so i’m just going to leave it change repo that’s.

Fine, i’m, going to click, ok and once you’ve done that i want you to back out of here back out of here and then i want you to head right back to the add-ons tab right here. Okay, so from the main add-ons tab, i want you to choose, install from zip file and then from here i want you to choose the repo we just installed, which is chains, repo, go ahead and choose that, and i want you to choose this file here.

This uh repository.janesrepo.zip and that’s just going to take a second to install and you can see it successfully installed. I got this little pop up here and then after you’ve done that you can go right next door and install from repository and from here.

I want you to choose the change repository and video add-ons, and then i want you to choose black tears now. This is the newest add-on that’s out there right now that’s. Working so go ahead, choose black tears and let’s.

Get this thing installed. Click install and that’ll. Just take a second to download and install okay. So you can see the black tiers add-on is installed. I got this little check. Mark so that means we’re good to go so just go ahead and back out of here back out of here and back out of here, and we’re ready to test this thing.

Okay, so i’m, going to go ahead and launch the black tiers add-on now, and you can see it has all of the sections that you would expect movie world tv world track, search, search, history and settings now to make this add-on even better.

I recommend that you do hook yourselves up with a real debride account. I mean it is a small cost, but it’s really inexpensive and i’ll link a video i did somewhere in this video here, where you could jump over and see exactly what you need to do to set yourself up with A real debride account and i’ll – include a link in the description below where you can jump on that, so to get real debrid linked to this add-on, i’m going to go to settings and then i’m.

Going to choose the debri tab and then i want you to make sure the enable debrid service is slider, is to the right and then choose the real debride. Okay and then, once that’s done, you want to reauthorize real debrid, and now it’s, going to ask you to go over to this website and enter this code.

So i’m, going to go ahead and pause. The video and do that now, okay, so i’ve gone ahead and enabled this add-on to work with real debrid and again, if you’re, not sure how to do that, i’ll have a link to the video.

I did as well as a link in the description below where you can go and jump on a real debride deal. Okay, so i’m gonna go ahead and choose movie world, and i’m. Just gonna choose popular movies. Here, why not? And from here you know, i don’t know i’m gonna pick, one um i don’t, know spongebob.

I don’t, know which one you guys want to pick. Let’s pick one uh. How about mulan, i haven’t seen that one. Yet let’s, choose that one, and so now that’s, gonna go out and start scraping and returning me not only the free links but also the paid real debride links, and i got ta tell you guys if you really Are having problems finding free streams? Do yourselves a favor get a real debride account.

It costs you literally a few bucks for 90 days. It’s, not expensive, and i got ta tell you you’re. It’s. Gon na be well worth it and you can see here it pulled up all kinds of 4k streams. I mean i’m, not on a 4k.

I’m just on a pc right now, so i don’t know. I don ‘ T really need the 4k, but again guys you’re, not going to get this unless you have a real debride account. Okay, i mean i have a lot of comments saying this isn’t working that isn’t working.

Do yourselves a favor shallow with a few bucks hook yourselves up? Okay, so again i don’t know i’m just gonna pick, one of these 1080s see if they work and we’ll, give it a shot, and here we go the movie’s playing it’s imperfect 1080p.

Again, i would have picked one of those 4k. I don’t know there was like 80 or some odd 4k streams. Again, real debride is the way to go with any of these add-ons guys, but this one you should get a good variety of free links as well.

So i’m, not going to show any more of this movie just for copyright reasons, but you can see it is working. I mean if i move it up here. It’s working and it’s, perfect, okay, guys so again, this is antenna.

Guy antennajunkies.com be sure to head on over to my website, check out my kodi repo list as well check out all my articles on everything cord cutting iptv cody everything cord cutting under the sun, and i’ll, see you in the next video thanks For watching

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Unlike services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, and it’s constantly being modified and upgraded by countless of coders around the world. Since its creation in 2003, Kodi has been shaped by more than 500 software developers and more than 200 translators. That means you can now customize by installing addons or builds, and they’re totally free, too. And it’s not just for laptops; Kodi can now work on everything from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick.



  1. Not buying real Debrid!!! If the free downloads not coming back might as well pay for real content and then no extra time spent download builds are APPS that don’t work………

  2. Antenna Guy, Real Debrid is the key with Kodi. For $3 a month its not worth not doing it lol. I have never had a real debrid link not work. I use Kodi almost everyday and started with real debrid about 3 years ago. It comes out to 10 cents a day lol. Every movie app i have is linked to my real Debrid account. It is a game changer, great video, just found you and now a subscriber. I have a question, is there a way to voice search on Kodi? Thanks again for the video.


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