With this video I will show you how i set up my complete Kodi installation which i use at home. Normally i do this within a couple of minutes however since some explanation is needed this video takes a bit longer.

Some steps to go through:
– Add a network location to your media files
– Add you movies and tvshows and scna them to library
– Add your music files and scan them to library
– Change some language settings
– Set preferred audio and subtitle language
– Change some behavior settings that i personally like the most
– Add the most used audio and video addons i use

This will give you a basic idea of what the standard Kodi setup needs. Afterwards you can of course tweak it as much as you can by adding different skins and addons.

Best build:
Just go to

For more videos go to:

For official Kodi news and topics visit:

This video was made using Kodi v16 Jarvis. The actual layout may vary between versions.


  1. I have loaded Jarvis (Kodi) for the first time.  Is there a way to download a movie to my PC instead of watching from the LAPTOP???  Good video too

  2. I’m having an issue with add-ons. I just bought a new PC today, it’s an HP running Windows 10, and I was able to install Kodi. But whenever I try to “add source”, all it does it highlight the words in yellow, and nothing else happens. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi, but it didn’t help. Any advice?

  3. So I’ve tried for hours to get this skynet server on my kodi 16.0 and can’t seem to figure out the password. Someone please let me know


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