If anyone would like one of my own j3 android TV boxes make sure to visit JM 85 code at UK android TV made easy hello. Everyone Jason here and I hope you’re all doing absolutely fantastic. Today. Today’s, video I’ve got the top 5 waking add-ons for kody 16.

1. A lot of people I’ve still got the older style. Android TV butters that can’t be updated to Kodi 17 or higher, so this is for them. These are definitely worth having the always spot-on and if you would like to keep up to date with everything that’s happening in the streaming and Cody world, then make sure to hit that subscribe button below what I’m gonna.

Do here I’m gonna wave me way through each of these apps, and then I’m, going to show you how you can install them. We’re all actually going to use two repos for this or two sources for this. So I’ll work, my way through starting on joke with sports and then straight away.

We ‘ Ve got a sports IP TV at the top. We ‘ Ve got BT sport, setting Sky Sports being sports. We’ve got sport, replays, mamma, HD official highlights channels. If you just click on the top on there, you can go through and you can see it’s got loads of different channels in here.

What you do don’t, you just click on these channels and these channels the ones outside and all all have been working perfectly. So if you can see a channel you like, and it does where perfects think cliff on that channel, but keep your finger held down on it, you’ll, get this box appear and you want to add it to your favourites.

So click on add to favorites, and then you go to your next channel that you want to do and then you’re gonna click on add to favorites man, says removed from favorites that’s because they are already in my Favorites, but if you don’t have that channel, it will say, add to favorites.

So you go through all the channels. Your life make sure d-wave and then click on add to favorites and then your favourite channels, but very easy to find. And I’ll show you how you can find your favorites at the end of the video.

Now that’s, yoku sports, let’s, move on to actor flicks! This is also from the same repo. So I ‘ Ll. Show you these together inside here, we ‘ Ve, got new release movies. We got at the flicks live TV, we’ve got 4k movies, the bed we got 24/7.

We could catch up TV at the flick, sports live in concerts and loads of other things as well. So that looks good to me. You definitely want that new box and then this one over here called the magic dragon.

We’re, getting that from the same repo so inside here we’ve got people watching where you gonna find the latest TV, not the latest TV, the latest movie, sorry, and then they’re. The artworks – oh just like I say, changing you’re gonna click on what you want to watch and then it goes looking for it over the Internet.

We ‘ Ve also got new movie releases. We attached up TV, we got something for the kids, we got some music, some radio, some sports, TV and entertainment. If you want any of those three atoms, then the first thing you want to do is scroll along to system and then click on file manager.

Just underneath it from file manager, click on add sauce at the bottom and then in this box here where it says, none, you’re gonna click on that box, and then you want to enter this exactly the way that you see here, which Is HTTP colon forward slash forward, slash maverick TV net forward, slash mouth repo pause are here if you need to, but you want that exactly the same, and once don’t click on this dumb button underneath it it will automatically call it my repo.

So we just need to click on this button. Just here you ‘ Ll then see that in your list, so just press back once and this time you want to actually click on where it says system so cliff on system, and then you want to go down and click on add-ons from here.

Click on install from zip file, click on the one we’ve, just added, which was my repo and then click on repository maverick repo. Once you do not just wait, you get a little notification in the bottom right hand corner.

There is once you’ve, seen that you can then click on install from repository and then look for maverick TV leaf. I’ll click on there go down and click on video add-ons and then in here there’s. Gon na be three apps that we want or three add-ons Joker sports is the first one, so click on it, and then click on install man says: pull install that’s because I already have it.

But for you, just click on install next go to activeflex and installed as well. That will then start to download, and I near the bottom we ‘ Ve got the magic dragon click on that one, and then you just want to click on where it says install again.

So there is click on install, it will start to download, and then you’ll have those three add-ons on your box very easily. We just go back. If you want to locate them, you’ll, find them in your video add-on section, which is just there.

You’ll, just click on video add-ons and then you’ll, find them inside there. The next two I want to go to are placenta and sports matrix, but we’ll just start off on placenta, so first of all click on placenta and then inside.

This works exactly like exodus and covenant. So you this again works like a search engine like a site scraper. You just tell her what you want to watch and then it goes searching the internet looking for any copies of it to have got movies and TV shows, and then there the categories of TV shows you can go by network.

You can go people watching. You can search. This is just the people watching section just the most popular and then there you go. You can see what people are out there watching as well as that we ‘

Ve got sports matrix, so click on there, and then this is one of the best sport ones. Again, at the top you’ve got 3 p.m. kickoffs, you got live sports, pay-per-view events of sports channels and then, if I just click on 3 p.

m. kick ups, you can see what’s inside, which is absolutely nothing cause. The seasons ended, our shooter already knew de Bourgh, hey ho. Let’s. Move on to the live sports section go inside there. You got the events of today and if you scroll down, you can see the events of the next or common days.

You’ve also got American sports, pay-per-view events and sports channels, a section. So if you click on either one the sports sections categories you come to here, that gives you absolutely loads of channels.

What I’d recommend is saving the channels that you like in to your favorites, so you don’t have to keep coming to this list and having to search for your favorite channels. This is a there’s. Actually, two thousand two hundred and seventy four channels in here at the moment, so I’m just skipping to some that I recognize.

So, if you’re from Canada, you ‘ Ve got Sportsnet here. I just click on the channel, make sure it works and I want it. Does you’ve seen a way I can click on add to favorites and then, if you see any more, you’re like like this TSN there.

If you go down, you can see some NFL NHL channels, Major League Baseball as well. You carry on going down. You ‘ Ve got these Sky Sports. So again, if that’s, what you’re into you can click on these channels under all where I can grains up throughout the mall before just click on the one you want make sure the wigs and then keep your finger held Down on the ok button, which will give you access to that menu and then you can add to favorites so any channel any category that you like, if you just keep your finger instead of clicking on it with the ok button, keep your finger held down on The ok button and you’ll, be able to save it to your favorites.

If you want any of those, two apps then go to system and then underneath it, you’ve, got file, manager, click on file manager and then go to where it says, add sauce click on add sauce and then in this box.

Here, where it says non click on there, and you want to enter this exactly the way that you see your here, which is HTTP colon forward, slash forward, slash repo mister blammo, dot X Y Zed. Paws are here if you need to, but you want that exactly the same, once don’t click on this dumb button, underneath it you will need to give it a name that box will be empty, so click on it type in mr.

blammo, and Then, once done that click on this don’t 1 and then click on OK there to save it once done, you’re gonna press back once and then click on system click on system itself. They’ll. Take you through to this page and you want to click on add-ons.

You want to go down and click on, install from zip file and we’re gonna get to out of here the first one we’re gonna click on mr. blammo, and then we want to click on repository blammo, which Is there so click on that? That’s? The first repository we need you’re gonna wait for a little notification telling you that’s being done.

It’ll, be in the bottom right hand corner there. It is once done. Click on install from zip file again again go to mr. blammo, but this time we want repository pure repo closed on that and then wait for a little notification in the bottom right hand corner telling you it’s done and now we can click On install from repository the two repositories we just added, the fish want being blammo repo, so click on there click on video add-ons, and then you want to scroll down here.

Until you see placenta so cliff on placenta, and then we’re mindset on install yours will say install so click on the install button. It’ll started download from here press back a couple of times until you’re back in your repository list.

I think it’s back three times and you’ll, be back here and then this time you want to click on pure repo, and you want to go down to video add-ons and then right at the top. You’ll, see sports matrix, so click on that and then it’ll, say install so click on install born it started download.

And now, if you go back to your video add-ons, you’re gonna see them in there. So there’s, your video add-ons and then there’s. The add-ons that we’ve, just downloaded. If you did save your favorites along the way or you are gonna, save your favorites, then this star in the bottom left hand corner.

That is where to find your favorites. So all the channels you’ve liked make your dreg first save with your favorite, see if you like them, and then every time you switch it hold on you ‘ Ve got straight access to all your favorites, so doc being said, thank you for watching.

If you do want to keep up to date with everything that’s happening in the stream and wealth, then make sure to hit that subscribe. Button below thanks for watching peace out and I’ll, see youse all later.


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