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  1. where you been bro? thanks for videos. one other thing. that app you have on the Google play store has is unusable, I’m sure you MUST know this. Can we get a response or a video regarding it? thanks

  2. just want to thank you for these videos, much appreciated, just please respond to that app you added to the play store thats been unusable. oh one more thing, the channel on It Top tutorials which is a great channel, he just posted a video informing his followers about the UKTVnow apk for Android for live TV. I know you’ve posted videos in the past like this I know you like to inform your followers of apps like this, tbh I’m surprised you didnt post it already, But yeah the app works great for live TV, prob the best option to date. You prob should jump on that a make a video, again it’s UkTVNow Apk and it works wonderfully.

  3. Kodi really needs to have a real time progress bar or something to show you the exact progress of your download, instead of just popping up after every 10% is completed. You would think they would have done that by now. I know not everyone chooses to download, but for those that do it would be a really nice touch. 🙂

  4. Oh and an AUTO DOWNLOAD (Like Auto Play) Feature would be great. Where it finds the best Download connection and automatically uses that would be great. Then it would only tell you if there are absolutely no download connection available. 🙂


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