Just Download the disk image, Burn it to your SD card and put it in your Pi. That’s it!! Also Check out my other Builds!! Just go to my channel!

Couldn’t be easier than that!! The SD image is already set up and pre-configured with HYPER TT 4.4 Build and all the addons!! Everything you need!!

This video will show you how easy it is to install Kodi 16.1 (WITH all the addons AND the NEW ARES Wizard) to your Raspberry Pi 2/3 or Zero in just a couple minutes!!!

Just go here and download (torrent):


The disk Image I provided is the most current version of OSMC, with the most current version of Kodi (16.1) Jarvis.

I have also already configured Kodi with the AWESOME Fully Loaded Custom build “Hyper TT 4.4” !! It has all the addons already installed!!

Hyper TT is one of the coolest custom builds available, with all the Kodi addons already installed!!! Any TV show, Movie, Music you want is at your fingertips!! With this, you won’t need Cable or Netflix any more!!

Just load to SD card and go!!!


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Also this build is already set up to make a really cool Ambilight system for your TV! Hyperion and the proper drivers are already installed! Check it out here!

And Here’s how to build it!!

And keep checking my channel for new cool videos!!

– The Mad Scientist.



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