Slow the video down to half speed if it goes too fast.

I started with a clean Kodi 16.0 Jarvis, you can download from their official site –

Don't hate on me for using 16.0, in my opinion the best layout kodi has ever had, 17.3 is messy and i simply do not like it. Also there is a bugg in 17.3 on Covenant, you can't change the page viewing movies, it will automaticly change back once you go to the next page! You have many more options to change your interface on 16.0


  1. Jeremy, when I go into Ares Wizard and browse add-ons all I get is failed to get data from server. Is Ares wizard down?

  2. i cant intall it from the zip file when i click on the word magic it does nothing i tried starting over again and it does the same thing. any advice? Also it says no network directory is not available i checked my network and it was on so im not sure what to do next.

    • On some computers it does that for some reason, i uploaded a file with covenant preinstalled. Make sure you have a clean version of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis, and in windows “folder options” enable “Show hidden folders” Then it’s just a matter of following the simple instructions in the textdocument,, let me know if this worked.

    • Jeremy Jk Every time, Kodi Jarvis 16. (Hyper16) back my on te top menu of android box?? I come again in (Hyper16) and be 1 minutes, and again back my to top menu? Tnx

  3. I have covenant uploaded I watched a movie. Went on today to watch and nothing come so up when I click on categories within movies or tv shows. Any suggestion

  4. Download Terranium Tv apk instead of this if you have an older version of android, problem solved. its a great kodi substitute if you have an older android box


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