1. I recently upgraded from Helix to Jarvis and did a fresh install of Fusion and Superrepo.  A day later, superrepo is gone from my file manager.  I did a third install with Fusion (wizard), Super, Xunity, MuckyDucks and Mettlekettle.  The next day all repos except Fusion were missing from file manager.  I read on another website that Fusion (TVaddons) is deleting repos.  Does anybody know what is going on here?  Em’s dad. Thanks.

  2. fusion is not working I click the file then I click Fusion is supposed to take me to another place a page where I hit start here but I don’t even get to that point stalled

  3. Thanks for your help! I added the repos you suggested and have watched many many videos but i still do not know how to get to the watching of the repos i added. If you can please show me? tyty

  4. Howdy and can you tell me what addon that has live Hallmark Channel and the Holiday Movies like 25 Days Until Christmas? Thank You Very Much
    David Lee FB

  5. this was great I have been trying to get back my original kodi, I have a screen that is light blue with what looks like an animated kodi icon I want the one that I see in this video but it everytime I loaded I get the same screen? any ideas?

  6. What do they mean when they say “dependences not met”? Seems something has been lost to allow for add-ons or apps to run.

  7. first of all, very good video and wonderfully explained. I have kodi 16.1 and currently everything else works, but fusion is not working. Keep getting the same irritating message “could not retrieve directory information”.

    Can you please suggest any other source for indian/bollywood. thanks.


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