This video will show you how to get Kodi on iOS & show you how to install Exodus for free without a jailbreak! This method that lets you get Kodi on iOS works excellent, if you need additional help, please leave a comment below.


1. Navigate to TweakBoxApp.com and select "Download App"
2. Allow certificate (Settings, General, Profiles & Device Management)
3. Open Tweak Box and select Apps at the top of the screen, then select "TweakBox Apps"
4. Select "Crash Fix" (which will install TuTuApp)
5. Accept certificate for TuTuApp
6. Open TuTuApp and search "Kodi" & install latest version
7. Accept certificate for Kodi
8. Open Kodi and go to Settings, System Settings, Add-ons – and select "Unknown sources"
9. On main page, select "File Manager" (Folder icon), and then add source
10. Click on the box that says "None" and type:
11. Then below where it says "Enter a name", just type "kodistuff" and select "OK"
12. Go back to the main screen – Go to Settings (gear icon), Add-ons, and select "Install from zip file" and select "kodistuff" then "Repo.zip"
13. Then go to "Install from repository" and select "Smash repository" then Video add-ons.
14. Select Exodus and enjoy using Kodi on iOS

The source used in the vide ( ) works perfect right now, but if down the road that gets blocked and you are unable to add the source, just Google search "Best Exodus Source For Kodi" and you will be able to use that instead, but will install using the same method.

If you have any additional questions on how to install Kodi on iOS just leave a comment down below!

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  1. Way to go guys, we crashed Tweak Box’s server ? He said they will be back up hopefully end of day today.

  2. Anybody else get the failed message when trying to install from zip ? I don’t know how to fix it, does anybody have a solution ?

  3. Okay so if you are still having some problems getting Kodi/Exodus, leave a comment on what you are experiencing and I will compile all of those questions into a troubleshoot video to try to help.

  4. Hey I paid for Kodi for the year and I was trying to look for a new updated version because all my devices are on iOS 11 and Kodi doesn’t work with this update. So I’m a little upset that I paid for the year and not able to use it. Any idea if Kodi will be updated?

    • I thought that I had to pay for it, but I can’t get it to work on iOS 11. I’m trying to get into the site to send a message to the site about upgrading their app.


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