Hey guys, what’s going on and welcome back to Cody with Eris in this video, I’m, going to show you how to backup your kodi set up onto a memory stick so and how to restore it on any kodi device. So if you got to do a factory reset on your device – and you want to keep your Kodi set up without having to do all the work to get all the add-ons you’ll, have it on a memory stick or if you want to Put your setup on a friend, Cody device or family members, you’ll.

Have that with you at all times, so you don’t have to do all the work now. The beauty with this is you don’t have to install any any sources or any any of them like that. It’s already on there. If you have the cody cody installed in your own Vista go so what we got to do first, is we’ll go over here to programs, click on programs and we’re going to click on program add-on.

So, as you can see here, I don’t have much of a setup here. I just did a fresh start to show you got it how to do this. So after you click on program models, we’re, going to click on get more, and we’ll.

Go down here to right here, backup it’s already going to be on your Kodi. You don’t need to install any any sources like I said earlier, so we’re, going to click on backup and we’re, going to click on install after clicking on install wait for a notification at the bottom Rate to tell you that it’s been enabled, then we can back all the way out here.

So once your Kodi menu will be in your program, so we can click on programs, click on program add-on and under you go backup is right there. So we’ll click on backup and they’ll, give you free odds, options, backup, restore or open settings.

Now we’re going to open settings, so we can tell this a backup ad on where to save our Kodi set up. So we’ll go over here to browse the remote path. We’re, going to click on that. If you had a memory stick or a USB flash drive micro sd card, you put that in your device.

It’ll show up here and then you would elected. So I’m. Going to put it on my SD card, so I’m going to select X SD card. You can put it on a specific folder if you want, but I’m just going to have it as its own folder and I’ll go over here and click on ok.

So once I’ve done that, as you can see, my remote path is storage, external storage, sb curve. And if you want your file compressed, if you have a huge kodi set up and a small memory, stick, you want to compress your files and that way you’ll use less space, and then we’ll go down here and click.

Ok, so now we’ve, told the backup addon where to save our kodi setup. So now we’ll click on backup again, and this time we’re, going to click on backup. So what it’s. Doing right now it’s, going to gather all the files it’s, going to backup my setting and, depending on how much stuff you have in your kodi setup, it’s going to take longer, as you can see, I don’t have much online, so it’s going to be really quick for me and then this way you’ll.

Have it on a memory stick. So if you got ta put it on another, and this will work on any Kodi device and any version of Kodi [ Music ], remember to please subscribe hit that, like button leave a comment at the bottom okay, so once it’s gathered all The files and the stage your backup, that’s, it you can take your memory stick out now.

You have your kodi set set up with you and save now to restore it onto another kodi device or that same Kodi device. You have what you would do is start cotija download this backup add-on and then this time you would click on backup and then this you go down and click on restore.

So once you click on restore it ‘ Ll. Ask you, okay: where do you want to stay, get your Kodi setup from now, as you can see, it automatically finds your Kodi setup, so select the setup that you want to restore and then that’s it so it ‘

Ll. Restore your Kodi set up on that device that you selected that simple nothing to it. I’m sure you can do it. Please subscribe leave a comment at the bottom. Thanks for all your support, guys, I’ll.

See you in the next video. Have yourself a wonderful

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