Hi guys as promised a quick tutorial here for those of you that are using my build and want to change addons ect. If there are any addons you want me to the build just let me know and I can add the popular ones


  1. anyone having issues with my build disable Israel live in video addons and it will work again. will be updating on Sunday when I am back home!

  2. how to I get kodi to go full screen I can’t get rid of the bar along the top of the screen its the windows bar that shows the program on one side then has the minimize maximize and close window on the other side

  3. i just added a menu (just trying it out) now how do I get it to play or show movie list like all your menu lists do. if u click on movies sports or any of your menus a list comes up. i am trying to make that happen. Like in URBAN I want the same thing to happen when i click on my installed new menu

  4. I follow your steps to change the main menu and sub menus but when I get to the sub-menu I click on it and mine is 100% different then what you have in the video. Please help

  5. I’ve been using Hyper TT for a while now. I just downloaded the Christmas edition. It’s beautiful.

    While listening to Christmas carols on the Radio add-on, I noticed that the lyrics that appear on the screen lag behind the music. I can’t figure out where the settings are for the lyrics or how to fix it. Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance

  6. I’ve added a menu item/tab ie) Mommy’s TV, so just like the Favourites tab, how can I add shows to Mommy’s TV and keep the kids separate under the Favourites tab? Does that make sense?

  7. I have a green screen whem i tried to watch something…can´t find the advanced menu to fixed… could you help me?

  8. how do i add favorites on the main screen on ultra tt latest version i cant see section there on it and would like to see it on tne build


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