This video will explain step by step on how to fix Exodus if it is not working properly.

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  1. Mine is just having issues in general with showing TV episodes, It loads and loads put when I click on Seasons and click it it just derps out

  2. please help you told me to delete Exodus and I did and when I click on fusion it won’t let me go into the file so now I don’t have Exodus anynore

    • Hugo Mancilla This video is about a year old and Fusion does not work anymore. There are many other apps just like Exodus that were created already like Genesis Reborn .

    • Greg B There are other ways to get it back. There is a repo called Genetic with those addons. If your looking for Exodus it’s no longer being maintained. They have a new program called Covenant. That is the new Exodus

  3. What if ‘fusion’ isn’t in the zip file folder? I’ve uninstalled Exodus and the repository file, but now don’t know how to re-install Exodus without the ‘fusion’ file

  4. My movie titles show up but when I click on them there’s only 1 file inside the folders. Doesn’t matter what movie I choose, it is always the same outcome there’s always 1 file and it’s the damn trailer. Someone please help me fix this!!!


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