One of the classic Exodus errors for some people on KODI is the “No stream available” on the Movies/Tv Shows results on Exodus. While a sporadic message like this may happen, when you get a lot of those, it means there is something that is wrong and you need to fix it!
1. Use the tweaks in this video,
2. Use a VPN, the one I use is IPVanish which I find one of the most secure & also fast,
3. Use a Debrid service like Real Debrid:

So if you are having the no stream available error on Exodus now with these little modifications you can fix it once and for all.

NOTE: if the “no stream available” on Exodus happens again for some results, then it means that Exodus cannot find it anywhere. In that case there is nothing you can do, you may have to look into a different KODI addon.

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Fix exodus no stream available error


    • you mention if you have a vpn your isp will never know what sites your connecting to etc..well, with ipvanish there is no kill switch for the kodi install on a firestick so when you loose connection to ipvanish your real ip will be shown and your isp will know what you have been doing and where you have been, you will only know after you go back to the firestick ( in my case) home screen go to ipvanish and realize ..crap, I’ve been disconnected from late, isp already has seen by then. if you know of a better service for vpn that will truly protect even if you loose connecting to the vpn please let me know.

      also just so everybody knows..real-debrid actually keeps logs of videos you have watched so when you loose connection to your vpn , your real ip address is shown in that log next to the movie you streamed or downloaded.
      after reading their privacy policy they will turn over this information to authorities if requested to do so. just wanted to give people a heads up so you are better informed.

      and if you really think about it, your isp could suspect you of doing something against their policy’s and turn off your connection to the internet for a few seconds just enough to disconnect you from your vpn so they can see what exactly you were this point the vpn has failed you entirely..only takes once. liek i said if anyone knows of a solid vpn that can be installed on a firestick/kodi etc that has a kill switch that disconnects you from the internet if the connection fails..I’m all ears 🙂

    • Drew Chambers ipvanish has the kill switch option, I know cause I use it. Real debrid is not for privacy but for quality and easiness.

  1. easiest thing to do is delete the exodus addon and then search for it and install again. it works perfectly after.

  2. Thank you very much for this video, you saved me. I am finally able to stream after following your instructions, clear cache etc, etc … #BoomShakkaLakkaBaby

  3. My problem is on the Firestick for TV. No stream is available for Season 3 Episode 8 of 1-800-Missing (Missing). 1-800-Missing is a Canadian crime show. Would this work for Firestick ?


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