Tutorial showing how to install Ares Wizard

This wizard enables you to install lots of video/program add ons, repositories, etc.


  1. I like it. it’ll take a min to get used to the layout, but there are some nice add-ons that I haven’t seen before. thanks for uploading

    • +Terrance Morton Hey, when you run the 0.39 zip in “install from zip file” are you getting a particular error msg? I just reinstalled ares using the same source http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip – it worked so the source link is still valid. If you aren’t getting any error make sure to give it at least a few minutes to install, it’s got a lot of add ons/builds and can take some time to install.

  2. Hey blaze , thanks for the fast response … It finally went through .. Now I need to know how to add on the new movies adds ….

    • +Terrance Morton Some good choices are 1channel, exodus, specto, 123movies – I’m not sure off the top of my head if all of these are in ares, but install which ever ones are. Afterward they will be available in your add ons under the video menu on the main kodi screen.

    • +Tatiana Pelt yea the update from 0.37 to 0.39 is causing a lot of ppl problems trying to install from zip. As a workaround add this link instead, it still has version 0.37 available. http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi

      Once you add it and go install from zip and open ares wizard, go down to repos folder and select repo.areswizard.0.0.37.zip – it should install.

      When you go to launch it from programs it will most likely update to 0.39 automatically, if so once its done updating close kodi (if you have an amazon fire stick or android box unplug it and plug it back in)

      Once you re-launch ares wizard should run fine.

  3. Hi I am having a problem with Ares Wizard 0.0.49 when I am on Browse Addons, Video Addons and install I get a message stating “Movies XK was successfully installed” where does it go to? I have Installed Movies XK 10 times, gone back to video addons and nothing there? can someone give an “Old Man” some help Please.

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