Here is a simple Tutorial on how to add Exodus and Download Movies and TV shows on Kodi 17.3


  1. After. seeing the pop up message Download Complete 100%, the file is nowhere to be find on on the path I selected in the external drive. Where did it download the movie ?

  2. When I try and add fusion it says “unable to connect. Couldn’t retrieve directory information. Would you like to add it anyway?” Can I still add it without having any problems later on while downloading Exodus?

  3. One final but necessary step was left out. In order for it to function, go to "Playback" and it must toggled to the "Directory" setting.. If it is showing in Auto Playback, or Dialog mode, it sis not "enabled" to function correctly, as some of you have already noted. I have done it for years in windows and android. If Exodus or Exodus Redux doesn't have a download function, then move on to other add ons. There are plenty of them out there, that are similarly configured in the Settings to "enable" the process. You will have to have some patience in seeking those add ons out. Belatedly, I hope this helps.


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