Hey: what’s going on everybody, I’m Eretz welcome to Cody with Eris by popular request. This is gonna be short and to the point, video I’m gonna show you how to get the F 4m proxy tester. Now you’re gonna need this.

It’S not it’s a program, you need it to use a lot of the add-ons inside of Kodi. So if you don’t have this, if you’re running into some problems with some add-ons, this might be the reason because you need to f4 em tester, the proxy tester.

So I’ll just show you how to get it quickly if you have Kodi, if you use Kodi on a regular basis, this is a must-have. So I strongly recommend that you put this on your Kodi setup. Alright, now there’s lots of places where you can get this, but there’s one official add-on that you can get it from, and that is going to be right here, we’ll go to systems, go down the file manager, we’re gonna click on file manager and we’re gon Na go down and click on, add source, so once you click on that source, you’re gonna get this screen up here and at the top menu bar.

The URL bar you’re gonna type in this address HTTP colon forward, slash forward, slash fusion TV add-ons AG now that has to be typed in exactly or it won’t work. So once you got that URL path in click done and then go down and give it a name now, it’s the fusion source.

So I named it fusion. You can name it whatever you like and then once you put in the name and the URL path, go down and click. Ok, so once you’ve done that make sure that you see fusion in the list here and then once you see that back out to your main Kodi screen and this time we’re gonna click on systems.

So we go over here. Click on systems and we’re gonna go down to Ahn’s from a Don’s. We’Re gonna go install from zip file, which is the source that we just created and we’re gonna go down here and click on fusions and from fusion we’re going to go to Kody of repositories.

We’Re going to go to English and we’re gonna go down and look for shanties add-on. Now, like I said, there’s lots of places where you can get this frm proxy text tester, but the official place to get it is repositories.

Shanny 2.9 zip we’re gonna click on that now, once you see a notification at the bottom right to tell you that the repository has been installed now we can go to install from repository. So once you click on install from repository, we’re gonna go down and find shanties add-on, repository click on that and then we’re gonna click on video add-ons and right here, F for M tester.

Like I said, you need this to use a lot of the add-ons inside of Kodi, so if you are having issues and some Madeleine’s not working, you probably are missing this right here. So we’re gonna click on that and then click on install.

So once you click on install you’re, gonna see an abled right beside it and that’s all you have to do Kodi those does the rest free. You don’t have to open it up. You know if you do anything, it’s just got to be in your system.

For the proxy tester, so once you do that, that’s all you got to do and you can go and use your add-ons now again. Not if you like our backgrounds, please go to gamers comm, we got all kinds of wallpapers and you can use for your kodi for your PC, laptop whatever you got, you can use our backgrounds for thanks for watching.

Please leave a comment at the bottom. Tell me, what’s on your mind, thumbs up thumbs down down sideways, no thumbs, yes thumbs. Thanks for watching guys have yourself a good weekend. I will see you on the next video

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