How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick, Stream Live TV, and Install The Latest Add-Ons (Exodus, Genesis, Soundplex, Hulu Plus Lots more!)

New url for fusion:
Because they took some heat you can use them still however it will not give you the new stuff or any of the best third party addons.


Here is one alternative to fusion:
I made a new video showing you how to install indego. Go and check it out.

Use this video to load all addons from TVaddons.

Download the lates version of Kodi here:

Here is a link to the URL for fusion :

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  1. I've installed exodus 3.1.5 — every time I click on it it — nothing loads — I just get the spinner loading disc on my screen. So I came across that I have to install the plugin ( (I'm Using shield tv with the v17.1 kodi add on ) — so I installed indigo as that was the only one available in the repos — well upon clicking that it just keeps me at the "starting up initializing " screen; again not even loading this after it's been installed. What happened to kodi? Nothing seems to be working on the 17.1 update. I've never had problems this bad and my internet connection is perfect. Please help me get exodus to work for me.

  2. Is it fair to say that when switching from previous versions your really better off to wipe old versions before installing 17? I have noticed many add ons I use have issues if I try "keeping my old settings" rather than doing a clean fresh start…. Many add ons will just not update or I am assuming it has conflicts with repositorys that are now set up for Kodi 17 (Htt services)…. Is this fair to assume? Thanks!

  3. I keep getting a message saying "Couldn't retrieve directory information". I've already checked Internet settings and followed the directions and rebooted my firestick to start from scratch but this still doesn't work.

  4. [PLEASE READ] search youtube and Download "ares wizard"–Once you have ares wizard and you have already input your pin–go to ares wizard under programs and wait a few-click on "browse addons" then click on "video add-ons then search and click on "exodus" then "install"–exit ares using the back button-go to your kodi video addons and if you don't see it in video add-ons then click on "my add-ons" which is above your video add-ons list then search for the exodus app and then click open now, you should see the exodus app in your kodi video add-ons–enjoy family!!!


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