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How To Install Kodi In Raspbian Jessie Raspberry pi 1 , 2 , Zero



1.”wget ”

2. tar -xzf kodi-15-jessie-rpb.tar.gz

3. cd kodi-15-jessie

4. sudo ./install

IF YOU GET ERROR 404 Not Found Use this

1. wget

2. tar -xzf kodi-15-jessie-rpb.tar.gz

3. cd kodi-15-jessie

4. sudo ./install

if this method is not working for you try this in the Terminal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi


  1. Hi Eta Prime,
    I followed the instructions on a brand new Raspberry 2 with brand new Raspbian and after installation, Kodi doesn’t start (although there is now in the menu under “Sound & Video”).
    I tried even from CLI with sudo startkodi and nothing. After several attempts to start it, I checked with tail /var/log/messages | grep kodi and … nothing.
    Are there any other additional settings to be made in order to make it work ?
    Thanks a lot

    • ETA PRIME I installed kodi on a brand new raspberry pi 2 with raspbian pixel. I used the 15.2 kodi (updated one from 15) but it doesnt start up. I also used the 2 steps you said 2 reactions above. Is there another way to start kodi?

  2. Leider funktioniert bei mir nicht, ich kann zwar Kodi sehen, aber nicht starten.
    does not work. i follow all the steps and i can see Kodi in the Startmenu but i can not start it

    • I ended up just making a clean install of osmc from raspberry homepage. A bit lazy but it works perfect. . But from kodi page you can download all the versions anyway and make an install

    • preetparmar Did you try this from a clean install? Did you get any errors during install? It worked Ok for me without any problems the 2nd time. First time I had already tried some other attempts using other Debian commands and I’m certain that it hosed Kodi. Hopefully that helps!

    • Ivar F I see, but is that running under Raspbian OS or was that just the Stand alone Kodi only? I had the NOOBs installed and tried the OpenELEC version which was easy but I like the ability to also have the Raspbian OS to do other things with my Raspberry Pi3.

    • Kodi is only available up to 15.2 on Raspbian. You need to wait until they support higher versions or use a supported OS. I mean you can probably use Kodi 16.0 but it will lead to errors eventually

  3. Hi, at first thank you for the guide, worked fine.
    Although Kodi is working as it should I got performance problems as laggs and when trying to Exit Kodi I got blackscreen freeze. So I need to reboot the raspberry pi. Are there any new versions that should be used ?

  4. Thanks for your videos! I do have a question. I pluged in my RPI3 before I could monitor the boot up. I guess it has loaded Raspian as default, and I don’t have a selection of operating systems to choose from. I need open elect and don’t know what to do now. Will you help me? Thanks

  5. Hi Eta Prime. I Already installed it is working fine. BUT i dont have internet connection. I do have for the Raspbian but not for Kodi. I followed this step: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install kodi. Can you Help me? Thank you.

  6. tried every method possible even some from comments section and none worked!
    i click it to start it and it never pops up but its in my task manager


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