How To Install Kodi In Retropie 3.7 Raspberry pi 1 2 3 or Zero



  1. how can i use a gamepad on kodi? Whenever I use a XBOX 360 Afterglow controller, it just keeps moving the dpad to the left and then closes out. once i take the controller out it works again.

  2. where is it installing Kodi from? Is it already included in the Retropie image or do I have to download something additionally?
    Also can I make the installation itself without Internet connection or is it getting the installation files from the internet??

  3. I did this, and kodi opens and all, but I can only scroll to photos and shutdown. I can’t go to the other tabs. Anyone ever have this issue?

  4. ETA PRIME, I’ve installed Kodi into RetroPie 4.2 but it’s vanilla. So I installed a build. Three times now using builds that are for Krypton and every time they download, unzip, then force kodi to close (Which is normal, im told) but then when I goto relaunch, I get the error that Kodi cant find a config file and im booted out to emulation station. I cant find help ANYWHERE.

  5. My pi doesn`t find the pakeges I have only Errors. What should I do? It is connectet via ethernet because WIFI isn´t working.

  6. I went though your instructions and everything works great and I am running 17.3. I am trying to setup iptv but am having problems setting up a channel guide. In addons/my addons there is supposed to be a pvc client folder but I do not see one. Any suggestions?

  7. this worked fine but now when I want to install different builds of kodi I get nothing but problems and it will not install.


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