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  1. Say I by a brand new Pi 3 and install Kodi on it out the box, will I be able to connect to the wifi and connect a Bluetooth keyboard to it right from the Kodi settings menu or would I have to configure the wifi first on my computer using the Pi software?

    • Yes you can load Kodi on to your SD card straight out of the box. The first time you boot up Kodi it will prompt you to connect to the WiFi network and set the time on your Pi. Think of Kodi as the operating system, without an operating system you can’t connect to Wifi, so you need to load Kodi onto the SD card in order to do so, hope that helps.

  2. Can you have Kodi and retropie on a zero and switch back between the programs???? still trying to understand how the pi works…(would you have to switch sd cards?)…. 🙂

    • I can’t say for sure but judging by the initial setup you probably need a keyboard to do things like connect to the wifi since there is no on-screen keyboard for you to type on using your mouse

    • Tech Fnatic thanks for the answer. But im using ethernet anyway and for the addons there is an on-screen keyboard anyway. But my question is if it recognizes the mouse automaticly in Kodi or do I have to change some options?

    • You could just buy a dedicated Kodi TV box off of Amazon but the difference is that the raspberry pi is a cheaper alternative than most Kodi TV boxes that you can purchase, although it might not be as powerful. Another reason people use their Raspberry Pi’s as Kodi boxes is because the raspberry pi can be re-purposed down the road and be used for something else, so you’re not stuck with a Kodi box forever, you can just wipe the SD card and make something else out of your pi. Hope that answers your question.

  3. If you dont want to buy the micro sd to usb, you can also use your android phone. Plug your micro sd and after plug it usb.

  4. Thanks for your video! ]
    Question: Can i put the Openelec at the same RPI 3 that already has the Retropie, and both work?

    • There may be a way to partition the SD card so that you could have both on the card but I am unsure of that. The only way I could think of doing it is having Kodi on one SD card and Retropie on the other, then just swapping the cards out when you need to use one or the other

    • It just needs to be plugged in so it can power up, if it’s already plugged in maybe confirm the SD card is in properly/works?

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