Hey guys so today I’m going to show you step by step how to install Kodi TV and set up fusion add-ons to watch free content. I encourage you to pause the video any point because I move quickly. The video is a little long so if you know what you’re doing and just need pointers, skip around to what you need.

1. So the first step is to download Kodi TV:

2. After your download has finished run the installer. The installation is pretty straightforward but watch what I do if you’re uncertain.

3. When the installation is complete, run Kodi TV.

4. Now that Kodi is open, hover your mouse over the “System” tab (do not click it though).

5. Left click on the sub-tab labeled “File Manager”.

6. On the left side, left click “Add source”.

7. Left click on the field that says “None”.

8. Type (without the quotes) ” ” Then click done .

9. Now click on the blank field below “Enter a name for this media source”.

10. Type in “Fusion”. Then press done.

11. Now press “Ok”.

12. Press the Home icon located at the bottom middle of the screen.

13. Now left click on the tab labeled “System” that you previously hovered over.

14. Left click on “Add-ons”.

15. Left click “Install from zip file”.

16. Left click on “Fusion”. The blade that opens up may look different for you because I have multiple hard drives. Do not worry though, you should still see “Fusion”.

17. Left click “start-here”.

18. Left click “plugin.video.hubwizard-1.2.0.zip”. Wait for a few seconds for it to unpack. May take longer depending on how fast your computer or internet is.

19. Now press the Home icon located in the bottom right of your screen.

20. Left click on the “Programs” tab.

21. Left click on “Config Wizard”.

22. Left click on your device.

23. A pop up will come up and ask you if you would like TVADDONS.AG to customize your add-on selection. Left click “Yes”. This is just asking if you want to install the add-ons that will allow you to watch free stuff.

24. Depending on your computer and internet this could take up to a few minutes so be patient. When it is complete you will be met with an “Installation Complete” window. Left click “ok”.

25. You’re done! Hover over the “Videos” tab and you should see a few addons show up. They’re all a little different so play around with a few different ones to see which one you like best. Most of them will have all the same content though.

26. Alternatively, to hovering over the videos tab… you can click the videos tab.

27. Then left click “Video add-ons”.

28. This will give you a list of all video addons that you have installed.

That’s about it, enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Fusion is not working once I hit install from zip then you see the files I hit fusion then noting no next page please help!!!

  2. I typed in the fusion address exactly as you did, but when I go to install it from the zip file it somehow got “Indigo” attached to it so now my only options to install it from the zip file are:  blue arrow up.. or begin-here or Kodi-repos or Kodi-scripts?  Please help.

    • Hey sorry I didn’t see this, did you ever get the install to work? If not I’ll look into it tonight and get back to you tomorrow.

    • Hey sorry I didn’t see this, did you ever get the install to work? If not I’ll look into it tonight and get back to you tomorrow. Someone else had this issue too.

  3. I’ve gone through it’s of videos and the comments and everytime it says couldn’t connect to network server does anybody know what I do to fix this


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