Kodi How to Install Super Repo Add-on Repository on Kodi Entertainment Center. ▶︎ More From Kodi:

▶︎ Save $$ in KODI BOX:

XBMC Update 7/14. Release Kodi Community. Superrepo.

▶︎ New URL for Kodi Helix the Super Repo source is:
Development Builds Available: Kodi 14.0

▶︎ Download Kodi here: (Link from official Kodi download page).

What is SuperRepo! SuperRepo is one giant repository plus several subrepositories for XBMC addons and skins.

Why should I use SuperRepo?

a) you want to access all add-ons from XBMC, and from one central place.

b) you like to browse add-ons on the web instead of using the list of XBMC.

c) you like to create an easy package to install your personally selected add-ons,
that you can use over and over.

d) SuperRepo checks dependencies already while being generated.

e) it has proven to be save.

f) it has even more advantages.

Unlike many other meta-repositories, SuperRepo is capable of processing the included add-ons. This makes it possible to categorize add-ons, fix dependencies and patch the add-ons on the fly.


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  1. Thanks for your video! I have Gotham 13.1 and when installing it from zip file I do not get the “superrepo add on enabled” message, so it does not get installed 🙁 is it cause my version is not Gotham 13.0? Thank you very much in advance!

    • +Alejandra Orozco  I made a fresh start of xbmc and did all add ons installations all over again and it worked.. thank you

    • +afghanboy8 Gone until now, perhaps tomorrow it’s on again. Try this 
      Kodi (xbmc) Install Fusion Genesis XBMC Hub TVAddon on Kodi Helix 14.0 or 
      Kodi (xbmc) Xfinity XunityTalk – How to Install XunityTalk     @watch?v=Jm0cA7Kb-cQ&list=PLQJGHOK40fH9N-EHN9rfPhUU5pAsGh02T&index=2 

  2. Does this work in Lollipop? The reason I ask is it doesn’t show the SuperRepo in the list after I click install from Zip File

  3. when i try to add the repo url i cant find i back for installing. Also when i try to install repo bundles i get the message: “dependencies not met” al the time!
    Please help me out.


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