Hey guys a lot of people have been asking me how to install the latest sports devil so here's an easy guide for you!


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  1. What version is this? When I downloaded it, (which did take a long time) it said Version 2. And then it told me there was an upgrade so I upgraded it. The version I am watch is now: Version 2016.05.13. Is that the version you are recommended to us? Again, Top, you are the best. If you ever come across an add on that has mostly American sports on it, please let me know. Ever since Pro Sports went down, it’s very challenging to find American sports.

    • +Jan haha yeh it just updated again so you have the latest lol. Ive updated my repo now with the new version

    • +Top Tutorials You mean you actually learned something from me??? You should consider adding the version number under your descriptions. Version numbers are really important and most people don’t add that their descriptions. Consider it!

    • +Jan it’s not my add on so I don’t really want to go editing their descriptions as some people get mad when you mess with their add ons lol

  2. Love your videos, look forward to them daily. Unfortunately, Sports devil not working it say dependency on script.module.pydevd version. What do I do.? I tried uninstalling but it’s not listed in addons to uninstall.

  3. I am struggling to add Sports Devil. it’s comments about dependency . tried to add the unofficial sports devil but nothing happening. still have all the original additions but when I select they won’t play and just ask you need to add sports devil. any advice?

    • if your not sure how to find the missing dependencies re installling kodi can fix them . or install a build with sports devil already on it

  4. i do not have a menu like yours that goes across the page. when i do find a menu, there is nothing about adding a zip file! so frustrating. help please.

  5. when i go to go the “install from zip” i don’t have “addons” … i have the other three”builds/fresh start/repo
    what do you think i’m doing wrong?


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