How to install Ultimate WhiteCream add-on Kodi 17 (2017)

if you want the guide for kodi 16.1 click below

We have a preview and look around add-on before install guide , if you want to go straight to install guide jumo to minute 02:05
Webcams, films, live Tubes and much more

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,don’t let ppl be charged to install free software ??

Watch out for the buttons turning blue on where to click
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  1. Hi, great instructions clear and well timed. Just loaded the add-on to my Kodi 17.0, but there is no content in any of the sites, had the same result when I loaded others from the xxx-adult repo.

  2. Good morning. Awesome video. I have installed this and everything has
    been enabled. However, when i click on any of the different categories
    to preview, I get an “openload authorization” and “no playable stream”
    errors. How do I correct this?

  3. Yes if you download the new one it wont work, i still have the old one and even thou fusion is down White cream and bob still work.

  4. white cream is not working for me. I am getting an error message stating that Ultimate White cream error check the log for more information.

  5. Message telling me, “couldnt retrieve directory information. this could be due to the network not being connected.” is fusion down or something?


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