How to Kodi – How to Set Up Kodi for the First Time

This video shows you how to set up Fusion in your Kodi. This is perfect for First Time Users, or if you’re freshening your set-up. It works with all systems after you have installed Kodi.


  1. Question was wondering two questions.  One best place to buy a new box?  Two which version should I install Windows, Android?  I will be running it just thru a HDMI port on my TV.

    • The installation depends on what you buy. For a box, I rely on family/friend advice because there are so many different devices and people doing it. Find someone you trust and is reliable.

      Also, I recommend spending more that $100… the more you spend, the better your box will perform.

    • Believe me Mark, it’s something I’ve been working on. I’ve tried adding titles to different sections so that when we do find someone is a little long winded that I admit I tend to be, we can then fast forward and control the pace.
      I do add a lot of detail for our less experienced users.
      I do hope you enjoyed it and got the help you needed for your Kodi.

    • i know but stream line it and get the buzzzzz off . i know there can be better videos and your video is very useful but the loooooong draaaaaawn out process is too much especially for people like me who know how to do things . i think we need to just learn to get to the point . the video is great but toooooo long

    • Some people, myself included really appreciate the detailed descriptions. It helps me actually UNDERSTAND what I’m doing instead of just monkey see monkey do. I appreciate your videos. Thank you for the details!!!

  2. Failed to install hub wizard oh great now at a loss what to do. UPDATE: guys and gals it finally installed just try a few more times until it does install.

  3. Everything worked until about the 10 minute mark on your video. I exited several times and waited. All the addins are there but nothing is updating and nothing opens up when I click. When I click Exodus, no version shows up like it did on your video. I am installing it on MacBook Pro, MacSierra Version 10.12.3. Need help.


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