Quick way to delete add-ons & repos from xbmc & kodi and free-up space on your tv box or any device you're using.


    • Assuming you installed Kodi in the default location: Go to C:Program
      Files (x86)Kodi and click on Uninstall.exe , then follow the
      instructions. If you didn’t install in the default location (the
      location the wizard asked to install to when first installing) search
      Windows explorer until you find Kodi and then click on Uninstall.exe . However, Kodi is most likely in Program Files or Program Files (x86).

  1. I notice on all the videos I’ve watched, the typing in of commands or installing various Kodi things goes very quickly. My question is, how are you doing this on a computer?  I am doing all changes via the Kodi remote and it is frustrating to type urls, etc on that thing..  ?

  2. I tried to right click and the screen disappeared. Tried it multiple times and it wouldn’t let me right mouse click. Help please.

  3. Hey Solomon – whenever I fight click to remove it takes me back to start screen- what am I doing wrong – Kodi 17 generic stick

  4. FOR THOSE USING KODI 17.0 — > What you have to do is navigate to the file manager page (where it shows all of your repo sources under ROOT); then go to the repo that you want to delete/edit/etc. and select it; and then select and hold the OK button on the remote for about a second. It should show the option to edit, make default, remove, choose thumbnail. Alternatively, you can select the repo with your mouse in the same way as you did with the remote; except you’ll be left clicking and holding that click for about a second. Hope that helps! If not, let me know and maybe i’ll make a video or something XD


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