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XBMC HUB has a new name Just when you thought your XBMC experience couldn’t get any better than it already is, now it can! As you may have heard, XBMC is changing its name to Kodi, and so has XBMC HUB, they’re now known as TV ADDONS. There’s a new way to install addons, and more! Watch this latest updated video for changes and how to setup the new URL and various addons. Custom Android TV Player: DOWNLOAD CAST4KODI:


  1. Nice video. Thanks for the update. Actually learned how to bring up the menu pop up with a long press on remote. It’s been driving me nuts for a year now. Lol

  2. I’m just getting started with this. Any recommendations. I haven’t bought any equipment. Thinking about the M8. Is that all I need is a device and WiFi contion. I look at a lot of video on YouTube some look confuse. Some guys move so fast you like what he just do. Thanks

  3. On mine after I click the TVADDONS Repository there is nothing there. How can I fix this? I have tried the forced refresh still nothing. Thanks for any help you can offer.

  4. HOW TO Setup and Install The New XBMC HUB URL Called TV ADDONS
    Do you remember the good old days when it used to be called something else

  5. It’s funny that you have all those links in the OP but you don’t actually post a link to the TV Addons site. (Even though it’s easy to search for, it’s the principal that matters.) Gotta love the ones that rave (review or announce) about a web site but don’t even post a link to it. That automatically qualifies you for the Head Slap Award! Doh!

  6. Hi. I.am using kodi on Windows 7 and I have installed the program and uninstalled several times, I can download it each times ok, but, I get pictures and sports ok except it is muted and I cant unmute it. thr screen had a red frame around it with a red mute icon in the top right corner. a pop up window came up and said the audio stream setting should be 2/2. however I cant locate where I can make this adjustment, I open the sound icon at the bottom of the screen which shows some setting but the audeo stream one is not operational. Can anyone help? Tom, Dublin


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