Xbox One controller for PC:

Demonstration of raspbmc on raspberry pi b+

Raspberry Pi 3:

With the kit:

How to get raspbmc

My PC:
Computer Case: Cooler Master N200

Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0+

Processor: Intel Core i5-4590

Ram: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit

Power Supply: EVGA 500W 80PLUS Certified

Wifi Adapter: Edimax EW-7811Un

Motherboard: Gigabyte H97 Extreme Multi Graphics Support UEFI

Storage: WD Blue

Best $60 Android phone: .
is now back up!


    • +Andrew Midkiff thats not really the best experience though, chromecast is only really good for the legit applications it supports.

    • You can’t really compare it to Chromecast. Chromecast needs another device to stream the media from. The Pi streams it by itself. Add it to a NAS and you have a fantastic media library and playback device. Might be worth giving OpenELEC a try as it’s a ready made XBMC build. By far the best £50 I’ve ever spent on my home media stuff.

    • True, the quality is meh, but it is possible. Raspberry pi on the other hand needs some work around to play Netflix. I use both and love them both for different reasons. 

    • Use plex if you have a chromecast. It is by far the best way to do it. You set up one computer in your house to be a stream server, then all computers on the network act as remotes, or recievers for the video. You can then cast the video from any of your devices to your chromecasts from plex. 

  1. Looked perfect to me, didn’t notice any lag and the video playback from usb was smooth. Can you playback video files from usb on a chromecast?

  2. I love my Pi. Installed Openelec, over clocked the system mildly and connected to my XBMC / mySql server. Menus aren’t super smooth but its played every file I’ve got without buffering, skipping etc. Streaming is smooth as well. Love it!

    • i switched to chromecast and plex. 

      the PI gets the job done but picking the film to watch on the phone and telling it to play on whichever tv in the house. also “just works” on more than just my chromecast, it works on my chromebook, phone, tablet, remotely.

      its not perfect but it is good

  3. nice heat sinks. will this all run better if you have more memory on raspberry like with a usb memory stick and larger micro SD card?

    • If you run it from a USB stick it’s faster. If you use OpenELEC it’s quicker than Raspbmc on an SD card anyway as it’s a scaled down version of XBMC – looks and functions the same. You can also overclock the Pi by running sudo raspbi-config in the terminal and selecting to overclock. It said in this video that it’s already overclocked but it shouldn’t be. It comes standard as 700mhz. If you overclock though it’s you’re responsibility, not mine. Raspberry Pi say you can overclock it safely which is why they have the options to overclock in the raspi-config menu. I’m running mine on Turbo.

  4. Openelec and kodi new xbmc is fantastic on pi 2 connected ext usb hd to bt hub and pulling files from that music video ect even linked it to xperia z3 android so when add files to librarys on kodi it shows up on phone

  5. I’ve been running Raspbmc for over a year on the B+. It can handle pretty high quality videos. I don’t feel a need to upgrade. All my videos are retrieved from a NAS. The only down side is the GUI slows down during playback, but you rarely use the GUI during playback anyways.


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