how to install openelec Kodi on Raspberry Pi 2.turn your TV into SMART TV. openelec is a media center for home theater PCs based on Kodi formerly known as XBMC.
using kodi on raspberry pi you can watch movie,live tv programs around the world,play games,play music,view pictures etc.

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steps to install openelec kodi on raspberry pi openelec kodi disk image.
2.format SD card using SD card formatter.
3.write disk image using win32 disk imager.
4.insert SD card to Raspberry Pi.
5.connect hdmi cable to tv and power up raspberry pi using micro usb charger
6.use keyboard or mouse to control Kodi or user tv remote to interact with kodi and set up WiFi or network connectivity
7.attach usb pendrive or harddisk to watch movies.
8.install openelec addons to watch live tv or youtube videos and so on.


1.Openelec Kodi Disk Image

2.SD Card Formatter

3.Win32 Disk Imager
4.Yatse Remote App

Create XBMC Openelec Kodi Media Centre using Raspberry Pi 2 & change your TV viewing experience
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  1. hello Local Guy,

    Nice video. I brought a 16 gb card to install Openelec and thought of using the rest of the memory for storing movies on the card. but I think I can’t use this memory space. can u please suggest me something here.

  2. I’m looking for some help with a error message I’m getting not sure how to fix it can you help or any suggestions


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