So Kody came out with a new update for version 18.9. So let’s, click right into reviewing it next hello and welcome back so that’s right, you did hear me correctly. Cody version 18.9 is officially out according to their website.

According to everybody, that’s, now updating it, it’s, nothing spectacular! It’s. Just a couple bug fixes that they’ve, updated. So that way it runs smoothly on any and all of your devices. Since kodi is a legit app for you to download, you can get it either in the microsoft app store for your pc, you can get it on google play, you can get it many places that have app stores, except for the amazon app store.

They do not. Currently have it so you’re, going to have to get it as an outside source. Now, as always, i do have my file linked store. So if you do not have filings – and you want to pick it up to be on par with me in past videos, this video and future videos – please watch the icard up here or check out links down below in the video description on how to pick up.

Downloader and file linked, and that way you will be ready to go with any all of my videos from here on out now, if you already have file linked, find the icon highlight it and click it when it comes up.

If you do not already have my code, it is going to be 272 four 56340, so input that in highlight continue and click it once you do, you’re gonna enter in my store and you’re gonna get my First pop-up, you can read all this if you like, otherwise down on the right hand, side click on dismiss after you do give it about two to five more seconds file link themselves that are gonna have their own pop-up that you have to exit out there.

It is so from click here to get instant access scroll once to the left onto dismiss and click it, and now you are officially in the dr venture store now. Everything in here is completely free for you to use and download.

You do not even have to subscribe to me, but i will appreciate it if you do and at least click a like down at the bottom of the video. Now, once you’re in my store, you can scroll around and pick and choose whatever you want, but for tonight’s.

Video! We’re, going to be doing the kodi 18.9 review update. So we’re. Going to scroll down, everything is beautifully categorized, so go through all the categories and i believe it’s near the top. Probably after browsers – and here you go – you have the kodi versions category.

Now there are two different versions: the 32 bit and the 64-bit. The 32-bit version is for a lower-end device as an example. The amazon fire stick and the 64-bit version will be as an example for an nvidia shield or a high-end box.

Now tonight, since i am using the amazon fire stick 4k. I’m, going to download the kodi 18.9 32-bit version that’s right in my filing store, so scroll around, find it highlight it all the way on the right-hand side, the download icon and click it.

You’re gonna see it’s now going to download. Now these downloads are directly from the kodi website. So no third party – this is just a simple and easy way for you to download and install it without having to go through all of the motions let it download and go through once it does.

The download icon is going to turn into the play icon. As you see so, keep it highlighted and click it, and once you do, you’re automatically going to go into the installation menu directly from kodi.

Now, once you’re there down at the bottom, it’s, going to be highlighted on cancel from cancel scroll once to the right onto install and click it once you do it’s going to be now installing give It a few once it installs you’re, going to get the checkmark app installed.

It’s, going to ask you ready to launch to click the three dashes, but do not launch it as of yet from here. Just keep it highlighted on done and click it, and once you’ve finished downloading kodi you can scroll around and pick and choose whatever you want from the docked adventure store, but for video purposes i do not need anything further.

So what i want you to do, if you are good to go, is click the back button. One time you’re going to get enter a new code. Are you sure you want to enter a new code? Keep in mind? The current session will end from here: keep it highlighted on yes and click it, and now two reasons i ask you to do this number one is once you back out.

You’re. Gon na still have my code there once you re-enter or click continue and then go back into my store. Any updates i do in the future is now going to be refreshed on your version of my store. So that way, you have all of the new updates.

The second reason i ask you to do this: if you don’t already, have it checked off to delete files on startup? I always like to do it manually, regardless, so from continue scroll twice to the right. You’re, going to be highlighted on the garbage pail with the x through it and click it.

When you do it’s going to say, delete files, do you want to delete all files from the file link download folder, you’re, going to want to keep it highlighted on yes and click it, and now what you’ve done is erase the installation files since you already installed the app of your choice, and now you’re, going to save a little bit of space on any and all devices that you use file linked with.

So if you are good to go just click the amazon home screen button, one time brings you back to the amazon home screen now from up top on home click and hold the home button between two and five seconds.

Once you do, you’re gonna see the time a couple categories and right in front you’re gonna, be highlighted on apps in yellow, keep it there and click it once you do. You’re gonna be in your apps and channels menu list.

Now. The last thing that you downloaded is going to be the kodi icon right in the beginning, just scroll to the left, and it should bring you down to the end of the list, which is going to be the kodi icon.

Now, if you want to move this anywhere, be my guest, i personally always like to move it to the front. So i’m going to highlight it. I’m, going to click the options button. One time you’re, going to get options, move move to front and uninstall for move scroll once down to move to front and click it.

And if you did it correctly, you’re, going to put the kodi icon all the way into the beginning of your apps and channels menu bar list. So from here let’s, see if we did it. Okay, click, the amazon home screen button.

One time brings you back to the amazon home screen from up top on home scroll down until you have your apps and channels menu bar highlighted, and what do you see right in the beginning, the kodi icon.

So keep it there and click it once you do. The first thing you’re going to see is info. Coder requires access to your device, media and files to function. Please allow this via the following: dialog box or cody will exit keep it highlighted on continue and click it from here.

You’re, going to get the second pop-up, allow cody to access photos, media and files on your device from here. You must keep it highlighted on. Allow and click allow in order to use this app or any other app that asks you to be allowed so keep it on, allow and click it.

If you haven’t correctly, you’re, going to see first starting kodi version 18.9 right there once again, 18.9, it’s, pretty quick comes up and everything is basically the same just they did behind the scenes.

Internal updates. So once again you have everything looking exactly as it should be, and you are good to go now from here on in if you want to install any builds any add-ons. That is your choice. There are definitely other videos out there from me and a lot of other people, as always any problems or questions feel free to hit me up at any time on any of my social media accounts.

Facebook, twitter, you could privately pay me or just make a comment in any and all of my videos and i will get back to my soonest convenience. If you have instagram check me out, dr venture yt shoot me a message there.

I will get back to you. My soonest convenience, no problem also check me out on facebook number one cody source group, no hate everybody’s. Great mods are cool and i allow each speaker mine with whatever you want to talk about.

As long as you respect the house rules and all of the other members, so i hope you enjoy your new version of cody 18.9. I hope you enjoyed this video and, as always, i thank you for watching. If you like, this video click subscribe and the notification bell to get notified of future videos, you

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