I quit my job at the cat shelter. I had no job. I can ‘ T say that i quit my job at the cat shelter. I had no choice as they reduced me hours, [, Laughter ] that were from gary outlaw and i don’t know why it made me chuckle so much, but for those who don’t know me hours is just like say my Hours just for those who didn’t click on it.

First and don’t forget comment your jokes down below, because i am running out right. So hello again everybody and welcome back very quick video today, because a lot of people may want to know about this, but i will admit a lot of people may not find this video appeals to them at all.

It’s, just the current offer. I’ve found on ipvanish at the moment. The video is gonna be super fast, but it’s. Also, one thing you will have to look out for if you’re watching other people recommend it as they may not mention this little point right.

So that being said, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and let’s, crack up [, Music ] right. So first of all i will say i will leave links in the description down below to these offers. They are affiliated links, so they do support the channel, but they do also get you the best deals.

So if you do use my links, thank you very much and you’re an absolute legend, so we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna jump over to the ipvanish website and, as you can see it’s, an offer that was very very popular recently and it’s.

Their five dollar per month offer? Usually, we see ip vanish around 10 to 12 dollars per month, as you can see there, and at the moment they’ve brought back this special offer at five dollars per month.

Now i’m, not sure if some things are changing with ipvanish. I don’t know what’s happening, but a lot of things do seem to be changing and i am interested to see what’s. Going to come in the next few months, but at the moment, as we see we’ve got the very popular five dollar offer that they did do, but have they been a little bit sneaky with this? I don’t know last time ip vanished in the five dollar per month deal.

It was for lifetime. So as long as you kept paying that five dollars per month, it’d, just keep rolling over and rolling over kind of. Like me, when i lay down on a hill – and it would just stick at five dollars per month, but this time, if we look at that little bit of small print there – you are gonna see it says, build five dollars for the first month.

So do bear that in mind if you have seen this video already somewhere else. If you’re, looking again, the five dollars per month deal. Some people may not mention that, and it is worth noting that, after the first month of paying five dollars, you may be charged double that amount to renew.

And if you don’t want to make sure you cancel it before the month ends. In the five dollar deal, but we have got a bit of a positive out with this and in my opinion it’s really really cheap. Usually i do think paying annually is quite expensive, but at 3.

25 per month it works out at 39, and i know it says for the first year. So obviously, after the first year it will be increased, but you’re, going to cancel it before that year finishes. So you don’t have to renew it for the more expensive price.

So i’ve just gone over here to check the change in currency and 39 is around 30 pounds, so 30 pound for 12 months of one of the best vpn services on the market, so that’s, mainly why i’m doing this video now just to make it aware if your plan is coming to an end or you’re, looking to get a new vpn and switch over from somewhere else.

I think this is the perfect time to take advantage of ipvanish. If that’s, the one you’ve been looking to get but, like i said, don’t bear in mind. You need to cancel them before the renewal because it’s only for the first payment and one more thing we do have to mention with ipvanish.

It does have its downfalls, so the main downfall with ipvanish is such as how it works with streaming services. Now all third-party apps, it works absolutely fine. But if you’re outside of the uk – and you want to watch such as the iplayer or itv hub, none of the ipvanish servers work with those streaming services.

It does work with netflix. Now i have tested it and it is working. I think all vpns now work with netflix but, like i said, your other official streaming services like iplayer itv hub ipvanish, isn’t going to work with those.

So if you’re looking to unlock region lock, content ipvanish may not be the best choice for you. But if you’re interested in the five dollar deal and you want to pay five dollars just constantly you don’t want to have to think about it going up at any time, and you want it to stick to five dollars.

For the lifetime that you have that account if we just take a quick look at quad vpn now this is a relatively new vpn service and, as you can see at the bottom there it’s, billed five dollars every month.

So that means that the price of it is never going to go up it’s, always going to be five dollars per month; change five dollars into whatever currency that your country or region uses, and that’s. The price that that vpn will be set up for life now, one of the main reasons i recommend quad vpn as an alternative, is because this actually works with such as iplayer itv hub, and it also has really good speeds.

So if ipvanish isn’t really the one for you or you’re looking to get away from ipvanish, i would recommend going and taking a look at that because five dollars for one month, isn’t really a hell Of a lot of money – and it is a lot of time for you to test it and see if it works well for you now, if you don’t know what ip vanishes i’ll quickly show you now.

This is the app it’s, probably one of the best vpn apps. You can get out there and it’s as simple as you pick your country, whichever country you want to pick from there’s tons in there same with the city, and they can also click on the city.

And then, if you do select a city, you can also choose between the servers and all you do on the right hand, side there, where it says 20, ms, the lower the better and it’s as simple as clicking on connect.

Wait a moment, then there you go. I’m connected to manchester in the united kingdom. You can also go to the settings and allow split, tunneling and change a couple of settings if you’d like, but i’ve found just using it like this.

It works fine, so that’s, the ipvanish app and that’s. What it looks like just in case you didn’t already know, but yeah like i said this isn’t going to appeal to a lot of people. I wanted to make a video just to make people aware of the offers they can take advantage of, but also to show them what they might be getting into and not realizing that it’s only for the first month or build for the first Year so make sure you take a look at the small print on some of the special offers that you do see.

Now i’m, probably going to get slated for this video. Are you promoting a vpn? Oh, you’re only in it. For the money, oh, like i said, commissions, do support the channel. It gets you better offers, but you can simply go to the ipvanish website and buy it directly there.

I just want to let you know who are interested in this about it right. So that being said, i hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Don’t forget to that subscribe button down below and i’ll see you soon.

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  1. IPvanish wouldn't let me sign up I tried different cards, email & paypal still no luck. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ Any thoughts??
    I found Quad VPN doesn't work with Netflix. Express VPN is good but expensive (doesn't work with iplayer but will work itv/my5/all4) although it kept showing me content in Arabic for some reason.

  2. Hi, I'm looking to get my first VPN and am a bit bewildered about the choice. Looking at some of your previous content I've decided that I want to opt for a paid service so notwithstanding the content of this updated video, could you please advise what might be best for me? I've been having trouble with my IPTV via firestick and think that BT might have blocked the service? I'm not that interested in Iplayer or ITV catchup so really looking for a good priced annual service for multiple devices. Cheers.

  3. Quad VPN is awesome I've at last found one that streams peacock tv cheers mate, I told my doctor I think I'm snooker ball he said get to end of the cue.

  4. I had IPvarish for 39 yearly but when it ended it went up.. 4 days later I got an offer for 39 month from them.. I sent them e-mail saying I was sad I missed this deal as mine went up and they refunded me the difference and only charged me 39….not saying they will do it for everyone but it worked for me


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