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So some people see you alway as a direct competitor for Apple in the creative market. Acer in this case well, their new concept, d9 is playing with the big boys in the creative industry. D9 has a unique swiveling abled display that works like an easel which supports the Wacom pen.

I have to say this option alone has me sold as we in the recent years have seen so many devices offering this type of feature, but concept d9 stands alone. In this matter. We have to say companies tried to steal Apple’s market share and it is very tough, especially in the creative side of the business, but Apple’s recent design decisions have left the company more vulnerable.

Most people don’t think Acer when it comes to this category d9 offers the same drawing and 3d design functionality as the Microsoft larger surface studio all-in-one. This hybrid will be launching, in June, at a very expensive price tag, going for four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars, and I believe that is an American.

The average person will not even give this product a try at this price tag, but pros and artists will definitely at least consider it as an artist and a graphic designer being an exclusive Apple user.

This product, the least intrigues my attention. It is a new product. Take all this with a grain of salt, I do need to see what it actually is like hands on before. I will give this a go. Ok, thank you for watching.

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