everyone welcome to the Mad Men tour and in this video I’ll, show you how to delete your old add-ons programs and repositories from kodi Krypton. It might not be something really think about often or it might be something you only really look at when you ‘

Ve got problems with Cody, but from time to time it’s, always good to have a clear-out, probably got loads of old add-ons that no longer work and the taking up space on your device and also for every add-on program or repo installed.

Kodi checks for updates unless the add-on is disabled, so that can really slow things down as well. So before we begin, if you’re new to the channel, subscribe and click on the notifications icon and you’ll get alerts for more weekly uploads.

So to get things started, I’m gonna go to my video add-ons. So if I start scrolling down until you get to our Dunn’s and click on it, just gonna wait for that to load. As you can see, I’m already on video add-ons.

So if we go to the right it doesn’t matter which add-on you choose, it works the same for all of them. So all you need to do is: go ahead and press the Menu button for the fire, remote or just right. Click.

If you use in Windows, go ahead and click on information, and you should see this screen and you can either disable the add-on or go ahead and uninstall it. So I’m gonna click on uninstall. Are you sure? Click? Yes and there you go there’s, the I done deleted, so it works the same for all of your add-ons will go down at work, the same few music add-ons it’ll work, the same for you program, add-ons just go ahead And right click or press the menu button go ahead and click information and click on uninstall, so it also works the same for repositories.

If I go to the left and go all the way up to the top and click on the lock icon, you can then scroll down and click install from repository and, as you can see there’s all the repositories I’ve Installed so again, all you need to do is scroll down pick the repository right click or press the menu button.

Again, click on information. You should see this screen and again you can just go ahead and disable or uninstall it, and the last thing I wanted to mention is: you can delete the actual URL when you saved it via file manager.

So I’m going to come out of here, click back and back again back once more and if we go all the way up and click on the Settings card, you can then go ahead and click on file manager and there’S all the URLs I’ve, got saved so again, scroll down, find the URL you’re looking to delete.

I’m, just gonna choose one at random and again right-click or press the menu button. But this time all you need to do is go down and click on remove source. So if you’re still getting any issues like buffering and playback freezing all the time, there are more ways to speed up your device.

I’d, recommend installing one of the poor. Also they’re, also called wizards, and what they do is automatically clear out any unneeded files, like your cache, your thumbnails and your packages, which can take up quite a bit of space.

So there’s, a link on the screen now for how to install the one nation portal, just click the link follow along and once it’s installed, like I say it just clears all the mess automatically and that should get things Working good as gold, so before you go thanks for watching, I hope the video helped you out subscribe and click on the notifications icon and you’ll, get alerts from a weekly uploads hit like and comment which really helps support the channel and share To all you mates see you next time: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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  1. At 1:41, you lost me. You say “go to the information on that particular one”. I’m doing this on my tv and all I see I can do is click the app. That does not take me to the screen that you get to that says uninstall. All it does is open the app???

    • it depends on the type of device you are using. on your remote you should have a file key. or if you are using a mouse just hold down the left side until the file box opens.

    • Thanks Harold and thanks for the tutorial. That is exactly right. It’s the file key I had yet to use or really even notice. It pops up a menu which will explain a lot of issues i’ve had trying to find menu options. LOL Thanks for the reply!!

  2. Harold…I want install Sports Devil. I can’t locate it. This is what I use to watch live boxing. Haven’t been able to watch any boxing on the apps that are already installed on your boxes.


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