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Kodi 17.1 SPECTO not working? How to fix SPECTO
No TV Shows in SPECTO. How can I fix SPECTO?
Warning, only clear the cache in SPECTO.
For a new device with Kodi 17.1 and LibreELEC go to

The World TV on Demand TV Top Box or Media Player is the only device that is built just for Kodi 17.1 with LibreELEC installed for you. Most other devices do not have Kodi 17.1 installed or configured for optimum use. The new Kodi 17.1 will not work on old Android systems. And if it is working it will not work for very long. The addons are updating to the new system and will not support Android 4.0 or older. So if you are going to continue to use Kodi 17.1 you will need a new device that supports Kodi 17.1. This is the only stand alone TV Top Box made just for Kodi 17.1 as far as we know. How can I set my time zone on my Kodi 17.1 Krypton?

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    • SSMike31 Yes! It was working fine yesterday morning. I read that the update 17.2 has bugs and I’m assuming that’s why and Kodi is currently making a 17.3 update that isn’t available yet for the Firestick and tv. I tried it on my phone and it says Kodi 17.3. It really sucks. I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what was going on, lots of unistalling and restalling etc. I hope they fix it soon. I’m missing my shows.

  1. Hi can someone please help I have the MXQ box with Specto on I’ve been told this will stop working because of the new update??

    Is this true??

  2. When I watch a movie in Specto once and try to watch it again I get no stream available. But only with previously watched movies. Clearing cache did not work. And in general is there really a way to fix “no stream available” ??

  3. I cleared the cache and now it won’t go past the Genre menu… For example, I click on Action and nothing happens..?


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