In this video, i’m, going to show you how to install the crew uh, which is probably one of the best add-ons out there as well too. There seems to be a problem with tv add-ons popping up and stopping the interference of this ad.

I’m going to install it, so i’m, going to show you how to get around that as well. So, firstly, i want you to go up to the gear and click on the gear, and then we’ll. Make our way down to system click on system back up to the top left hand to display let’s, work our way down to add-ons move to the right and up to unknown sources, and yours needs to be checked off in the white position.

Like that, if it’s in black, you click it once it goes white you press yes and you never need to do that again. Let’s. Go back one step! Now i’d, like you to navigate over to the file manager, let’s. Select that option we’re, going to scroll all the way down to the bottom.

To this add source, let’s. Double click. There move over to none single click and i want you to enter that repo address once you’ve finished entering that address. Let’s, click! Ok! Let’s, go ahead and name this crew and press ok.

Next, let’s. Go back one screen. I want you to move up here to this open box. Icon marked add-ons and single click there. Ah, we ‘ Ve got a sorry about that. We ‘ Ve got a couple of options here: let’s, go to install from zip file.

First select that option we have to scroll down till we see crew there. It is click on it and there’s. The zip click, the zip. It’s, going to start to unzip that file and we’ll, see a notification in the top right hand corner next.

What we’re going to do is we’re, going to go to install from repository, select that option and then find the crew it’s in pink. Here i want you to click on that now, uh, we’re, going to do two things here.

Firstly, i want you to go to program add-ons and click that option, and you see a whole list of things. We want this one that says: f. Indigo, let’s, click on that and click install and it ‘ Ll only take a second here to install boom.

There we go so now when you start to use this indigo and tv add-ons will not interfere with your add-on. So let’s, go back one screen, and now we’re going to move down to video add-ons here. Let’s, click that option, and then the crew appears to be at the top here for this time.

So select it go to install and then finally click, ok and when you see that check mark it’s all good to go. So let’s! Click on the crew from here and go down to open and there we go. So you can do your searching for movies and tv shows.

You got some iptv channels here. You can see the collections and a search at the bottom. So there’s, how you install the crew and there’s. How you get around that annoying pop-up from tv add-ons go ahead and enjoy

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  1. Fusion es el mejor.. Un tiempo me dejo se funcionar.. Pero ahora de vuelta me toman todas tv de aire que tenia . La unica pega que le encuentro, es que los canales de aire no las puedo poner a favoritos.. Al menos hasta ahora no encuetro la manera..🤔🤔


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