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My video yesterday had Addon Installer included with the package we downloaded. This video is just to fix that missing part for some people. Fusion:

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  1. whenever I go Into addon installer all the folders are empty nothing is showing up and I cannot seem to figure out how to fix this someone please help I have spent 4 hours now trying to get it to work

    • I went out and bought a box it’s a HIMEDIA Q3 set all that up and it worked on there so idk if it just so happened that all there servers just happened to be down and went back up in the time it took me to purchase it but I am very happy with this box the only thing I don’t like about it is shomi isn’t very friendly for it due to the fact that the shomi app thinks the box is a tablet but I have kodi now so no need for shomi .

    • I actually built a HTPC out of spare parts I had laying around and it works AWESOME but, last night it started doing the empty thing. Gonna go reinstall it all tonight and see. Ill let you know Mike.

  2. So I’ve noticed my Add On installer hasn’t been installing any add ons , tried googling the problem or uninstalling add on installer and it still won’t work .. what do I do ?

  3. When I click on “install from zip” the next screen come up with the fusion.tvaddons.ag drive icon that I named but when I click it there is no response.

  4. I have Kodi installer installed added salt 1channel an many others through installer all are empty don’t work I’m I missing something

  5. After I hit “install from zip file” and “begin here” there is only a ‘plug in program indigo’ no other option no plug in program 1.25 ? didn’t work

  6. no I don’t have the installer tried all that plugin .programme.indigo1.0.2zip is all that’s on mine god these things are annoying

  7. I don’t have Start Here, I have “begin-here” and it has one zip file named plugin.program.indigo….. Any help would be great!

  8. My fusion file is empty, I’ve tried disabling my firewall, uninstalling AVG, running with administrator, tried it on 17.1 and 16.1 yet still no use. Never had this issue before with kodi, only now after I formatted my pc

  9. Every time thim jeaks find way around to solve the problem. The company finds out and black it so they can make money from us. They don’t want ee this to simple and easy.

  10. When I click on install from zip file and click on fusion it’s empty. There is no files to choose from. What should I do to fix this?


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