How to download movies and TV shows in Exodus onto a USB or SD Card. Kodi 3rd party addon.

For the CM1/JM1 Android TV Box please visit

The CM1/JM1 Android TV box comes with a built in Kodi addon updater meaning you don’t have to add your addons anymore.

One click updates to all of the latest addons. New updates will come out once a month to make sure you always have the best addons available.

To see how easy this is, watch this video –

If you are looking for a VPN then i recommend clicking on the link below.

If you want Smart DNS and a VPN then i recommend clicking the link below.

Thank You


  1. wish id seen this earlier I’m still a virgin with kodi but always wanted to dl fave TV program, Cheers Jason, keep up the good work dude

  2. Mate thanku for the clear instructions. I had to use a wireless mouse, because none of the remotes work that came with the box. Haha but yay I worked it out. Just wish our internet is faster…cheers though mate!

  3. Hi Jason, I get all the way through it and when i press the menu button to download nothing happen on my tv it just goes back to the screen of the programme i was trying to download ? The same on my computer ? Any help you can give would be great.

  4. hi,
    when I plug in my hard drive to kodi box it asks me is it –
    set up as internal storage
    set up as removable storage?
    which one i choose please?

  5. How can I download a movie with downloaded Subscene subtitles hardcoded onto the movie.I can stream movies with subtitles OK but when I go to download to USB, Kodi/Exodus will not include the subtitles…Any suggestions?

  6. I have inserted a 16gb USB drive and point the Exodus downloads to Movies and TV shows sub folders and the box says I am downloading but I can’t find the movies once they are complete. They are definitely not on the USB drive and trips where they might be or what I am doing wrong. I formatted the drive in my PC NTFS system


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