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Kodi How to Setup and Install Fusion Repository, Genesis Add-on, XBMC-Hub TVAddon, Ice Films, Navi-X on Kodi Entertainment Center. This tutorial uses Helix 14.0 alpha 2.

This guide uses the 14.0 Helix, alpha 2.
For Ice Films, and other video Addons, install this google code, anarkintosh projects, repository.

With EXODUS/SPECTO, (GENESIS) , watch old and new movies along with old and new TV shows. 1Channel, also known as Prime Wire.
▶︎ Install EXODUS:
▶︎ Install SPECTO:


▶︎ Save $$ in KODI BOX:

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To get the new IPTV Playlists just follow this 3 steps:
1: Subscribe to learn share Channel
2: Subscribe to
3: Confirm your email and re-check your email again to get the playlists.

Download Kodi here: (Link from official Kodi download page).


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  1. hi, i recently installed genesis add on on my xbmc but i can’t hear anything when i play a flow … Anyone can help ? or say what’s wrong with my conf ? thx in advance 

  2. The google code (1:09) doesn’t show up for me.  I’m using kodi-14.2-Helix.  I was able to do everything in this video up to then.  BTW, Kodi says it can’t connect to browser, even though I am connected to the internet. What gives?

  3. Tried so many different ways, over a long period of time to, try and get genesis to work on kodi and this is the only one that actually did. there was one or two steps that I had to figure out on my own but it finally works!!

  4. When clicking on the installed Lambda repository, I’m not getting any options for video add ons. Any suggestions?

  5. Thank you.tried 3 other vids and all of them got me nowhere.Also love the voice! If you read the comments use this to install it will work.


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