how to do this on android box

Kodi Lock thumbnail view, always on with any add-on. Change how add-ons look even after update
changing this can break the kodi view make a copy and always try and keep 3/4 but play around and make it stick the only way it will reset is if the skin updates

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  1. hey Bro, quick question! will kodi automatically choose out of 3? for example istream always has that bottom bar flip view but every time I change it it goes bak to default, so doing this procedure kodi/istream will only choose from the 3??? thanks in advance.✌

    • +The Turk it should force the one 🙂 try it and see just make a copy. i dont use istream so not tested my self

    • It is true !!! he always choose landscape in Aeon Nox or Confluence some ..view… other than default list
      iStream would make fix this.

  2. Top man. You’re a bloody life saver. I was starting to get annoyed with kodi as I was constantly changing the settings back to how I like it. Thank you sir.

    • +Chicken Chaser you would need to es explorer or ez explorer I think it’s called and should be able to edit the code on that

    • Well I had the basic skin, Confluence, and I just recently re-downloaded Kodi to a new laptop. I found a skin folder under addon_data that was in userdata but pretty sure that it was not the right one. I ended up using one of the readily available skins, Aeon, and I managed to do it but I would rather use Confluence since I’m so use to it.

  3. ok, i’m loving this so far but i just want to know how can i make it set by default thumnails and then, if i want switch to other mode without removing all except the 500 view

    • do the order i had and most will be thumbnail and then if you want the list you switch to it via the side panel in kodi

    • +SMASH The Gaming Canuck [I Do YouTube For Fun]
      yes well, everythingis in thumbnail but when i enter the youtube app and search videos they appear as wide thumbnail with description but not just thumbnail. sorry for not specifying

    • +SMASH The Gaming Canuck [I Do YouTube For Fun]
      also, what does decide the order? he top numbers or the list beneath?

  4. Amazing video 🙂 Subbed! I’m really impressed! I just found your channel, and I’m really enjoying it so far! If you keep making videos like this, I can see you as a big YouTuber in the very near future. Hopefully we can become great YouTube friends and maybe even collab together one day! I hope to see you on my channel as a loyal subscriber and friend, I hope you join my community of active subscribers I’m trying to create!

  5. with some its indeed broken or breaks the theme. You can simply comment out the original line order so you dont need to make a copy

    • but can you provide the guide or a link on how to do that? i couldn’t find a single link on google etc. which would explain how to do this on android phone or android tv.. is it even possible?

    • alot more harder to have to use a custom theme and ex explorer but doing it how i have with this video will break your kodi

  6. Om kodi 16.1 there’s apparently no option to edit this setting on conflunce….. i need to install not the stock but a modifield version ??

  7. 50,51,52,53,55,56,57,58,59,499,500,501,502,503,504,505,506,507,509,591,592,601,602,609 As you can see, I’ve got many different options. what do you suggest I change this to? I’m tired of fighting the view switch back to list from wall view every time I click next page somewhere.

    • +Patrick Griffith what theme is this? some themes need some of them view numbers there should be something to tell you what each view number is

    • +Patrick Griffith look for that from there keep list view and there is another one which i name in the video then pick the one you want to be default

  8. I finally got mine fixed. The difficulty I had was all my doing. I edited the file with notepad, and it saved it as a text document, instead of an XLM file. Use wordpad. Don’t use notepad. But, thanks for the video. I now don’t have to switch from list view to icons manually after each time I click next page. I haven’t had to switch it at all, anywhere on my Kodi. THANK YOU!

    • +Patrick Griffith anytime and i’m sure in the video i say to watch when doing this and make sure it saves lol but good to hear enjoy bud

    • Well, it was great while it lasted. It updated the next time I turned on Kodi. I’m going to do it ahain, and save the whole file in my documents folder, so instead of editing it again after each update, I can just delete the updated MyVideoNav file, and slip the edited one in its place.

    • +Patrick Griffith make sure it’s closed right down when updating this it should not change unless the skin gets updated or if your on a build and they update the build


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