Indigo replaced Add on installer. How to get it!, How to install it and why you use it..


  1. really messed up and downloaded appollo 6 skin by accident and I’m having major difficulties trying to figure out, this whole Indigo addon/mess that happened almost 2 weeks ago. ever since TV addons changed to Indigo I’ve been a mess, especially when I had everything working perfectly movies123 on my HD movies everything now I can’t even get out of this stupid Apollo skin I even tried to reset the system and I have the older fire stick from 2 years ago I don’t know if someone could help me please

    • Its been awhile since using a firestick, but perhaps you can use the FreshStart add on in the indigo application, that will reset kodi back to default and you can redo your setup of plug ins and addons.

  2. I have “plugin.program.indigo” zip folder from Fusion but every time I press to install after few seconds a message come saying FAILED TO INSTALL ADD-ON FROM ZIP FILE. How I can fix this?

  3. I show all my addons are enabled it when I open exodus or Phoenix it just shows the up arrow and no movies load????

  4. You are a hidden treasure, I’m “tech-savvy”, yet my Kodi (laptop version) was a mess, Specto disappeared, Addon Installer, nothing would update, Phoenix etc and your simple video has fixed so many of my issues, so thanks much

  5. Compuguy, would you mind if I ask questions now and again? In short, I’m disabled from a motorcycle wreck, 10 blown discs makes sitting at my desktop for 2 hours searching vids to solve one issue all but impossible (too much pain to manage) I’m happy to reciprocate if I can, there’s almost nothing that requires electricity or batteries I can’t fix, so ask away,Have a lovely night

    • Im always open to answer questions and dialog with everyone, thats the reason for creating video’s. Im not tryin to be a pro video recorder but trying to get better at it. Sharing information is what I love to do.

      I too have a many trade background, and I also had a bad back injury 20 years ago. Hopefully you have something to help manage the pain, I wasnt so lucky with pain management at the time, but things did get better with rehabilitation. Keep doing what you do and hopefully i can share many insights in Kodi and other information to keep you entertained and informed.

    • So kind of you, I’m glad rehab turned things around for you, luckily I can still manage with narcotic pain meds and I’m still structurally sound (I can walk fine). Fortunately I never gave into surgery, I’ve dealt with this for a decade + and never met one person who found relief from spinal surgery (not after a year or 2) The muscle dissection, nerve damage, weakening the disc below it, it’s a crapshoot even with current advances.

    • As for 17.1, I ditched it in 2 days, the changes to the layout were far too dramatically different, I enjoy improvements as much as anyone tech-wise, but you don’t make a familiar program completely unrecognizable. I couldn’t find the “back-button” (previous screen), had to search for the settings menu, and when I finally got to loading up an add-on as used as Exodus, the load times on my PC (I have the fastest internet money can buy) were abysmally slow, akin to watching a movie on dial-up.. Kodi from a PC should be as fast as you can click a mouse. Cheers

  6. BTW re. Exodus, occasionally the traffic is so high that the servers are overtaxed and it becomes temporarily unusable…this is well-documented…it’s not always user-end…

  7. Do you know where I can watch live MLB games? I know of Prosports and Sportsdevil, but most links lead no where (Castaway too). I did download “Pexus” and the other program it’s used with, but I don’t know how to use them. Thanks!


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