Okay guys so today, I’m going to show you the Merlin Balinor build. This build is awesome. It is the most complete built i have seen to date on Cody. It’S got a little bit of everything. Um I’ll give you a little tour and then all I show you how you can put it on your goody.

You vent on your Cody. Yes, I do okay, so um. This is a maintenance section, we’ll start from there. So, as you can see, when you’re in a section, you got bunch options up here Center, the page and then you got also little categories at the bottom here.

It is well put together. It is user-friendly, it is also UK friendly. It’S got a ton of UK stuff as well, but that doesn’t mean you cannot watch it vineyard in America. So you got, you got, delete, cache easy to maintain and clean up um and it comes from the heirs wizard.

I’Ve got another video out there. That shows you how to install that and um I’ll. Let you put a link for that up. Okay, so let’s get given vigo EV go okay, so a lot TV shows and catch up so, like I said it gives you a bunch of options or suggestions at the top of the page.

I mean it just kind of gives you an idea of. What’S in this category, but while you’re out there there’s also add ons at the bottom here right. So if there’s a specific out on that, you like you, can just go to that and on Eidolon.

So that is the TV show and I’ve got sports and extreme. But I may be extreme sports you’d never know, but whatever, like I said, you came friendly as you can see here. It’S got all the sky, chance sky, sport channels, um bt, sports boxNation.

You can get any pay-per-view. Events that we have here in North America will be on these channels and I’m primal elect a UFC. The boxing will be on these channels, so, instead of going to look running around looking for a pay-per-view event, that’s right here at your fingertips.

One of these three channels will have that pay-per-view event, like I said, suggestions at the top and then at the bottom. It gives you add ons, for, as you can see, it’s got all the best one most reliable ones out there.

This would. This is a full and complete coding. Experience in my opinion that there’s, like daffy list, see you cloud castaway on demand and cast away. I mean those 34 right. There are top of the line for live TV, whether it be sports or regular TV, um, music and concerts.

As you can see, it’s got channels or radio stations. Now, that’s what i call music that’s been around for a while. It makes me feel old movies and theaters. I said, definitely uk-based build, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it at least something Goods coming at a UK.

Not no, I’m joking! I love you guys. Really i do. If anything, you definitely have the top add-ons encode. You right now, so if you didn’t like anything else about this build, it definitely comes prepared with all the top add-ons, I’m on Merlin, more TV, I don’t see Phoenix on there.

Not there is an extra 30, so this add-on definitely does all the work for you. I definitely recommend at least trying it. You know least check it out right if you don’t like it watch another one of my videos and it’ll be on there, and on that note please subscribe.

I’Ve got a ton of videos withdrawn Cody. If you subscribe, it easy for you to find me next time and if you need to know anything about Cody, I guarantee I’ll have a video out there for you. If I don’t leave a comment and I’ll make one for you you’re, my friend, why not dun-dun-duh? On and on and then there’s a live TV and the programming guide other category that I’ve seen in this built that I haven’t seen in any other ones, yeah it’s this gamers section like favorites and search so I’m guessing you can put all your favorites in here Beat me with a banana and spank me and call me papi.

This is a very good dad on or he’s abilities a bit cartoons & family. I use my like dinosaur show. Was he not mmm long time long long, long time? Okay, so we went back around. Ah now, let’s learn how to put this on Cody, how to do it.

So first thing we do is go to system cover, the systems then go down to file manager and then, after file manager, we are going to add a source, and this is the path that we need. My co uk forward, slashes it and then hit done and I’m going to change in its name to Merlin, because that’s the name of the build press.

Ok, so you can see that Merlin source is been added. So now we go back to home and this time we click on systems. So I have to go into systems. We are going to go to add-ons and now we have to find our source and enable it so to find the source that we just made it’s under install from zip, so we’re going to click on install from zip and we’re going to go, find Merlin.

Now you could have named it whatever you want. If you left it at zip, then it would be zip, but I named it Merlin. So there’s Merlin click on that and now we’re going to enable the plugin program, Merlin zip.

So once you see that enabled at the bottom right, doot doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot doot doot, doot doot. I know you got hairy balls. I know I know, but why do you have hairy balls? I don’t know, but you might maybe your mama that’s X with the 888 okay, so, let’s back out after we’ve enabled that I’m still waiting for it to pop up at the bottom right telling me that it’s been enabled, but after you enable it it being programmed.

So, let’s go to programs, maybe it’s! Oh there! It is took a little bit longer than I thought, but nonetheless I find actually I find build usually do take a little bit longer than and add on. Okay. So after it’s enabled it’s going to be in program, so you click on programs and there you go.

I like the colors there, ah green and yellow green and yellow so we’re going to click on Merlin. Oh look at that neato! Alright, till after you open that up, you got all these um, that’s a there’s that XXX build there’s all kinds of stuff in here.

Oh this pulse build is a really nice one. I got a video about that and that also reminds me please subscribe. I got tons of videos about Cody, I’m putting them out two or three a day. So anything you need to know.

Bo Cody is going to be on my channel. So please subscribe, so you can find me easier next time. You want another build or try something. New octagon bills are really nice as well um, yes, so, but the one we want today is Balinor 4.

1 and it’s the full version, so we’re going to click. Ok on that now we like to pick us all of us. What server do we want um I’ll click on to okay? So, what’s going to happen here, the server may be slow of busy and that’s why I selected to because I assume most people just select one so but normally for built.

It does take a little bit longer than usual to install it, an extract it and in or downloaded extract it and install it. So it does take a little bit, but after this is all done, you’re going to need to you want to press ok after it’s done and then you’re going to want to, if you’re, using an android box, unplug it if using a firestick, take it out of The back of the TV first have several minutes and then plug it back in if you’re, using a Windows or Mac, you want to shut down Cody, wait a few minutes and then start it back up.

Otherwise the build won’t take effect, and that is really important because if you don’t shut it down properly or do that last step properly, you can start cody back up, but the wizard or the build won’t be there.

So yeah just make sure android box unplug macro windows, shut it down and if you’re using a firestick unplug it from the TV for a few minutes plug it back in alright. So once this is done, we will take a break and we’ll start back up when this is completely loaded and installed.


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