Ever try to install an addon and you get Failed to Install a Dependency and you don't know how to fix it? Well today is your lucky day as I am going to show you a couple ways to fix it so you can get right to watching that addon you wanted to install.

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  1. great video. man. i mean it i struggled for hours. and afther watching ur video over a couple times. it was very easy. i have the new kodi 17.1. itwas difficult.

  2. Thanks so much for this. It didn’t specifically solve my problem, but your troubleshooting tips helped familiarize me with Kodi, so that I could fix it myself. Awesome vid!

  3. I have had a virtual nightmare with the fire stick and Titanium build.All of my add on’s were not lasting or not working.This is the first site that gave me a frigging clue about remedies.I probably have 40 hrs.of installing,resetting,installing,resetting.My ole lady wants to murder me.But this time I have a clue.Thanks to DOGGMATIC 71.But the real challenge remains.EVERY add on needs a URL.How does this keep happening on every build ???? Unbelievable indeed.If any one knows a quick fix please yell at me.I think that there are many of us out here. HELP !

    • Yes it can be a pain in the a** at times. I try and make builds that have the best addons that work but it can change daily. I am working on a new build/wizard with all new working addons and will hopefully have a video for it this week.

  4. I really thought something was wrong with my Nvidia Shield because I had no problems installing addons with other Android boxes. Thanks for this.

    • So how would I get the dependencies? Now I find my build reverts back to estuary when I close Kodi??? I don’t know if that matters or not?? thanx PG

    • Other addons now will have the dependencies. I suggest using a newer build. I created my build using 17.4 from scratch in October and didn’t have any dependency issues.

    • I have done my kids sticks as well as one I used to have with no problems. This is a new one I just got. So you are saying I should wipe out everything and start from scratch?? Is 17.5 better? Is 18 still Beta?? Thanx Phil G


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