All content is 3rd party and not directly or support by kodi themselves. Tv Addons just did an update on Exodus for kodi 17. This will work for kodi 17 and soon will no longer support an older version. Tons of HD quality content for Exodus. Jump on kodi 17 and get the update.

Tv Addons source:

Android Q box:
B60 Android box:
Rii Remote:
Best HDMI cable:

Simple Build Source:

For support join here:

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  1. Lmao U left captchas on.. and didn’t enable set by provider wow…so now your gonna get captchas first with Tv show mainly and 20 is too long..But hey Ur the expert Lol.

    • 20 is not long if you have a bad internet and also if you have a low end device. 20 might even be to short.

    • also, i dont mind the captchas. i noticed even if i have to pair, i get the better links almost all the time. if you dont like it, then you can turn it off

    • and yes, like i said, tv addons will be doing updates so it is not compatible with 16 soon. they already started to phase it. you cant even pull the same sources as it is scraping a show or movie. do some research and check it out yourself

  2. I’ve used a couple of builds and TVaddons, which crashed. What is the best build? I do movies, tv and a lot of sports, ppv. Whats the best?


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