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In this video we explore the next big step to Kodi 14 Helix, version Kodi 15 Isengard. I install this available now Alpha release over the Stable Release 14.1 to test and see what happens with my configured settings, addons, pvr iptv, and libraries.
At one time in the video i talk about the different versions of XBMC/ Kodi up until now. Here are all the versions i mention
XBMC Atlantis

I ‘m back!


  1. Oh sorry to hear that and I thought you already had all the videos made sorry about that. And got a question i just got the new kodi and it’s really laggy is yours doing the same? But I am doing a Defrag so I’ll let you know if it works better. Oh I just forgot I was trying to open up 1channel and it keeps saying connection error with the url do you know how to fix it?

  2. Nice video !
    I was looking on the Kodi site… what do they mean by saying that they removed superuser/root access requests ?

    Does this mean that nonrooted devices can utilize library function or does it eliminate library use all together ?

  3. Hi, How could I installed this version on my Mygica box, I have already installed Kodi 14.1 but when I tried this one it says: “not app installed”. I would appreciate your help, and thanks for your videos.

    • +galatis It has Cortex-A9 Dual core 1.5Ghz CPU and Mali-400 Dual core GPU, ATV1200, the wire thing is that, when I had XMBC I could install this version, but now that I have Kodi helix I can’t. I don’t really know if they are so much different so I probably stay with this one. Another question I have is How could turn off my box by using the mouse? I just can’t do it in mine, the remote control does not work so i have unplug the power in order to shut it down.

  4. i need help i keeps ruining helix 4.2 but it keeps freezing can you help every program freezes plus is where can i find out how to set up the box from start to finish

  5. Hi there love the video and you couldn’t make it any easier.  I haven’t long bough a jailbroken apple tv  and it came installed with kodi helix14.2 but its awful and doesn’t load very much at all.   Any ideas ?  I was told that ideally I need to remove 14.2 and re-install 14.1 or the latest kodi ?   Is there any chance you could send me a list of what I need to do to remove and replace or update ?  I haven’t got putty so will need instructions for that too please ?  I have a laptop running windows 7 and Jailbroken apple tv2. many many thanks 🙂

  6. Exo provlima, katevasa to kodi katevasa kai to genesis, otan mpeno se ena movie or tv show tou genesis mou anigi i foni kanonika alla den dixni ikona.. To mono pou dixni ine ta streaming apexo . Ti na kano?

  7. Nice review, Galatis. Did you have a Helix version, prior to installing the Isengard? I have a Gotham (ver 13) on my Minix android box and I’m thinking of updating but I read somewhere that I can’t “jump” from ver 13 to ver 15. Any input? Thanks in advance!


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